Windup Bird Cafe – Exile Editions: Monday Sept 22, 2014 launches & readings

Monday, September 22: Windup Bird Cafe, 382 College St. West.

6 Exceptional Writers!

An evening of book launches and readings – and a Special 80th Birthday Celebration!

Emmanuel Kattan  Paths of Desire  (Translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
This is the story of a Jewish/ Muslim woman’s suspense-filled journey of discovery as she confronts her family’s origins, and the realities of living and loving in a turbulent environment where faith and religion are inextricably mixed with politics and daily life – all too often creating frontiers and barriers in the souls of the people. A mystery thriller set against a backdrop of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
Matthew R. Loney  That Savage Water
A striking collection of stories about travels abroad, told in language that is rich in description, full of lucid and lively textures, smells and sensations that transports the reader to places not on the average itinerary.   Stories written for the diverse travellers-at-heart who enjoy reading about places far from home.
Marc Séguin   Hollywood (Translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
This novel was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction [original French version, 2013]. Marc Séguin is a master when working with events of enormous impact, and wonderfully empathetic in his revelations about the human heart.  Hollywood is a tale full of fateful meetings and strange coincidences, and an exploration of those moments that stand against the hypocrisy of the American Dream, what many now consider an unattainable “made-in-Hollywood” ideal.
Diane Keating  The Crying Out
The Crying Out is a daring first novel that draws the reader into its haunted world through the power of language and imagery. The highly charged, voice-driven narrative weaves back and forth between the 17th and 20th centuries, integrating past and present, love and betrayal, madness and sanity. By exploring the history of one family, Diane Keating speaks to the eternal question of what makes us who we are.
ELQ/Exile Quarterly Two authors from recent releases 37.4 and 38.2:
Anne Michaels of Toronto has been published in over forty countries, and has won many awards internationally. Her novel Fugitive Pieces was made into a feature film, and other works have been adapted for the stage in Europe and Canada. Her work has also been adapted by composers for performance in Europe, Australia and Canada. Correspondences is a finalist for the 2014 Griffin Poetry Prize.
Leon Rooke (A Very Happy 80th Birthday!) of Toronto is one of Canada’s most prolific writers, and the author of over 20 books, among them Shakespeare’s Dog, The Fall of Gravity, A Good Baby, The Magician of Love, The Beautiful Wife, The Last Shot, and Wide World in Celebration and Sorrow: Acts of Kamikaze Fiction. He has been widely anthologized, has won the Governor General’s Award, and with John Metcalf annually runs the Metcalf-Rooke Award for short fiction.

$59.50 Per Person  /  Please arrive 6:00  /  Dinner served 6:45 (Only 50 seats available!)
(Price Includes Dinner and the 4 Books; retail of the books over $80!)


(served with a fresh green salad)
Baked Vegetable Loaf (V, GF)
Grilled Rack of Lamb (GF)
Grilled Bay of
Fundy Atlantic Salmon (GF)

(medley of house specialties)
Mixed Berry Cobbler,
Passion Fruit Mousse (GF), Mango Cheesecake.

(V = Vegan, GF = Glutten Free)


Reservations by PayPal or Credit Card: email: [email protected]

Invite Sept 22

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