WEISSMAN WILKS, CLAIRE (see also Rumin and Wilks) :
Cover “Untitled” (Drawing); 7.3/4
“Drawings”; 8.1/2 p.102
“Medallions: Five Lithographs”; 10.2 p.78
Cover “Untitled” (Lithograph); 10.2
2 Drawings Accompanying “Pilgrim’s Pad” by John Montague; 11.3 p.97
Cover “Untitled” (Lithograph); 13.1
“One Flesh: Sculpture” (10 Bronze Sculptures and One Wax Maquette); 15.4 p.64
Cover “Totem” (Wax Maquette – Detail); 15.4
“The Magic Box: Eccentric Genius of Hanna Maynard” (10 Photographs); 16.1 p.397
“Two of Us Together, Each of Us Alone” (6 Drawings); 16.1 p.419
“One Flesh: The Mound” (Bronze Sculpture); 16.4 p.92
“Medallion” (Lithograph); 16.4 p.140
“Medallion” (Lithograph); 16.4 p.403
“Five Tremors” (Drawings); 16.4 p.423
“Medallion” (Lithograph); 16.4 p.476
2 Drawings Accompanying “Eight Poems by Sappho” by Anita George; 19.1 p.97
5 Drawings Accompanying “A Time to Be Born” by Jeni Couzyn; 23.4 p.89
Cover/Back Cover “Untitled” (Monoprints/CGI-Blend); 24.1
“Out of the Cave” (8 Oil Monoprints); 27.4 p.64
Cover/Back Cover “Out of the Cave XXV and IV”(Oil Monoprints); 27.4
Artwork Accompanying “Jasmine from the Balcony” by Janice Kulyk Keefer; 30.3 p.137
“Untitled” (Monoprint); 30.4 p.127

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