Volume 5.1 / 5.2 (Double Issue)

Winter 1977 – 270 pages

Contributors: Leonard Cohen; Roch Carrier; Joyce Carol Oates; Tomi Ungerer; Robert Marteau; Jaime Gil de Biedma; Maurice Riordan; Marilyn Bowering; John Montague

status: EXTREMELY RARE; double issue price: $39.00 CAN / $31.50 US; Order # E0512

LEONARD COHEN – Death of a Ladies’ Man

Leonard Cohen of Canada is a novelist, poet and songwriter. His works include Flowers for Hitler, Let Us Compare Mythologies, The Energy of Slaves, the novels Beautiful Losers and The Favourite Game, and seven albums of his music and song including The Death of a Ladies’ Man.

ROCH CARRIER – The Garden Of Delights

Roch Carrier of Canada is the author of a collection of stories, Jolis Deuils, and of a triology, La Guerre, Yes Sir!, Floralie, Qu Es-Tu?, and Il Est Par Là, Le Soliel and They Won’t Demolish Me.


Joyce Carol Oates of the United States, is the author of many novels, collections of stories, essays and poems. She has appeared frequently in Exile. Among her books are The Goddess and Other Women and The Assassins.

TOMI UNGERER – A Portfolio: Part One and A Portfolio: Part Two and A Portfolio: Part Three

Tomi Ungerer of Strasburg is the author of books, satirical and for children, have been published in numerous countries and they include The Moon Man, Zerelda’s Ogre, The Party, The Fornicon, Adam and Eve, and America. He has won over fifty awards and prizes, including the Society of Illustrators gold medal, The Art Director’s Club Award for the best children’s book.


Robert Marteau of Canada, and of France, has published fiction and poetry: Royaumes, Travaux sur la Terre, Sibylles Atlante, and Pentcote, a section of which appeared in Exile, Vol. 4, No. 3 & 4.

STUART BROOMER – When I Hear the Word “Ear” I Reach for the Side of My Head

Stuart Broomer of Canada is a writer and composer. These are his first published works.

ROBERT KROETSCH – What the Crow Said

Robert Kroetsch of Canada has published fiction and poetry including the novels The Words of My Roaring, The Studhouse Man and The Badlands. An excerpt from his novel What The Crow Said also appeared in Exile, Vol. 4, No. 3 & 4.


Jamie Gil de Biedma of Spain, has published Diary of a Seriously Ill Writer. His poems have appeared in Exile, Vol. 3 No. 2.


Maurice Riordan of Ireland is a young poet. The poems in this issue are among his first published.

MARILYN BOWERING – Third Child’s Sleep Poems

Marilyn Bowering of Canada has edited Many Voices, an anthology of Canadian Indian poetry and published books of poetry including The Killing Room, and The One Who Became Lost.

JOHN MONTAGUE – An Occasion of Sin

John Montague of Ireland has edited the Faber Book of Irish Verse, published short stories, translations and poetry.

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