Volume 4.1

Winter 1976 – 127 pages

Contributors: Breyten Breytenbach; David Goldblatt; Irving Layton; Ascher/Straus; Thomas Kinsella; Dave Margoshes; France Théoret; Nicole Brossard; Marie-Clair Blais

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BREYTEN BREYTENBACH – Ten Poems and Vulture Culture

Breyten Bretenback of South Africa published his first volume of poetry 1964. Through six subsequent volumes of verse, as well as a collection of short stories and a short experimental novel, he has won wide acclaim as the most important living poet of the Afrikaans language, combining in his work such divergent stimuli as the Surrealism and Neo-Realism of modern Spanish and south-American poetry; African influences through the work of Senghor and Aimée and the poetry of Black Consciousness in the U.S.A.; and notably, the long tradition of Zen, of which he has been an adherent for many years. The particular polarities of his work (Africa and Europe, White and Black, birth and death, assertive creativity and inevitable decay, love and destruction, tenderness and violence…) have been enhanced by his time in exile in Paris. This condition was force3d on him through his marriage to a Vietnamese girl who was branded as “Colored” and hence not socially acceptable in terms of South Africa’s rigid racialistic legislation. His unrelenting crusade for human dignity and against apartheid won him wide international recognition but inevitably increased his private agonies. And in 1975, determined to express his convictions in other than esthetic terms (he is also highly regarded as a painter) he returned to South Africa in disguise where he was arrested and tried on several counts under the so-called “Terrorism Act”. In November 1975 he was sentenced to 9 years’ imprisonment and all efforts to appeal against the sentence (whose harshness shocked even his Prosecutor) were quashed by the courts. Our translator is André Brink, South African man of letters, and that country’s most important novelist in the Afrikaans language.

DAVID GOLDBLATT – Soweto and Hillbrow

David Goldblatt of South Africa is that country’s most important photographer. Two collections of his work have been published in his homeland, Some Afrikaners Photographed and On The Mines. Both these books will soon be available in North America in association with three short films: Soweto, On The Mines, Some Afrikaners. His photographers are in many collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York.


Irving Layton of Canada is the most prolific poet in the country. Since the publication of his Collected Poems, his subsequent works include: Engagements (prose), Lovers and Lesser Men, The Pole Vaulter, The Unwavering Eye, The Darkening Fire and For My Brother Jesus.

ASCHER/STRAUS – Winter/ /Winter/

Ascher/Straus of the United States are story writers whose work has appeared in many journals, including the Paris Review.

THOMAS KINSELLA – A Technical Supplement

Thomas Kinsella of Ireland is among that country’s most important poets. His books include: Another September, Downstream, Nightwalker And Other Poems, Notes From The Land Of The Dead. Several limited editions of his works have been published by The Peppercanister (47 Percy Place, Dublin 4).

DAVE MARGOSHES – Where’s Charlie?

Dave Margoshes of Canada is a short story writer whose work has been published in many of the small journals.


France Théoret of Canada is a writer who has published and edited a number of works, including La nef des sorcières.


Nichole Brossard of Canada has published several volumes of prose and poetry: La partie pour le tout, French Kiss, Sold-out, Un livre.


Marie-Claire Blais of Canada is the author of several novels, works for the stage and poems. The most recently translated novels are: The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange, David Sterne, The Wolf (a section of which appeared in Exile, Vol. 1, No. 1) and St. Lawrence Blues (two long chapters appeared in Exile, Vol. 1, No. 4).

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