Volume 3.3 / 3.4 (Double Issue)

Summer 1976 (Double Issue) – 254 pages

Contributors: Joyce Carol Oates; Mary Mielfi; John Montague; Alexandre Amprimoz; David Rosenberg; Réjean Ducharme; Joe Rosenblatt; Louis de Niverville; Yannis Ritsos; Ron Padgett; Pierre Jean Jouve; Michael Lally; Gerard Malanga; Barry Callaghan

status: EXTEMELY RARE; double issue price: $39.00 CAN / $31.50 US


Joyce Carol Oates of the United States, now resident of Canada is the author of many novels, collections of stories, essays and poems. Among these are her novels The Goddess and Other Women and The Assassins.

MARY MELFI – Seven Poems

Mary Melfi of Canada had poems in Exile Vol. 2, N1. Her first volume of poetry was: The Dance, The Cage and The Horse.

JOHN MONTAGUE – The Great Cloak

John Montague of Ireland has edited the Faber Book Of Irish Verse and published short stories, translations and poetry.

ALEXANDRE AMPRIMOZ – Each Asparagus is an Angel

Alexandre of Canada has published a number of stories and critical pieces in both French and English. He is gathering together stories for his first collection.

DAVID ROSENBERG – Blues of the Sky

David Rosenberg of the United States has been widely published there, as well as in England and Canada. During a residence in Canada he edited The Ant’s Forefoot and appeared in Canada First: New Canadian Poets. Blues of the Sky was published in 1976 by Harper & Row.

RÉJEAN DUCHARME – The Zone of Hardy Deciduous Forests

Réjean Ducharme of Canada is probably this country’s best known unknown writer. His published novels include L’Avalée des Avalés, Le Nez qui Vogue, L’Océantume and, Enfantômes.


Joe Rosenblatt of Canada is the author of The LSD Leacock, Winter of the Luna Moth, Bumblebee Dithyramb and Virgins and Vampires. Five of his poems and drawings were published in Exile Vol. 1, No. 4.


Louis de Niverville of Canada is a painter whose work is in major collections in the U.S. and Canada. Family Album is a work which may comprise over 60 objects when completed.


Yannis Ritsos of Greece has written over twenty-five books and been translated widely on the continent. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize. Translations of twenty of his poems appeared in Exile, Vol. 2, No. 1 and his Helen in vol. 2, No. 3&4.

JOYCE CAROL OATES – Immortal Longings

RON PADGETT – Three Poems

Ron Padgett of the United States has published two books of poetry, Toujours l’amour and Crazy Compositions, as well as Antlers in the Treetop, a collaborative novel with Tom Veitch. Co-founder of Full Court Press, he has translated the complete poetry of Blaise Cendrars.



Michael Lally of the United States is a poet whose publications include: My Life, Rocky Dies Yellow, Dues, Sex/The Swing Era and Catch My Breath.

GERARD MALANGA – The Piper Of A Sleeping Nation

Gerard Malanga of the United States lives in New York and the Massachusetts Berkshires. His most recent publications are Incarnations: Poems 1965-71 and Rosebud.

BARRY CALLAGHAN – The Cleft of Light

Barry Callaghan of Canada is a writer and editor. A selection from The Cleft Of Light appeared in Exile, Vol. 2, No. 2.

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