Volume 33.2

Summer 2009


Aziz Nazmi Shakir-Tash is a poet, fiction writer, and translator born in southern Bulgaria, now living in both Sofia and Istanbul, Turkey. He is the author of three books of poetry and one of short prose: Grounds for a Sky, At 22, A Sky at 33, and Rain Apocrypha.
Grounds For A Sky

Julie Booker of Canada has appeared in The New Quarterly, Descant, and The Windsor Review. This story won First Prize in the Writers’ Union of Canada 2009 Short Prose Competition for Developing Writers, and her short story collection, Silver Hearts, was shortlisted for the 2005 John Metcalf-Leon Rooke Award.
Every Good Boy

Keith Garebian of Canada is an award-winning author of thirteen books of non-fiction and three poetry collections. These poems are from Children of Ararat, a new collection coming in April 2010.
Children of Arrarat

Eugenio Montale of Italy is one of that country’s most distinguished 20th-century poets. Born in Genoa in 1896, he published his first collection of poems in 1925. After many decades of writing, he was made a senator for life in Italy in 1967 and was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1975. He died in 1981.
Four Poems

Sheila Murray of Canada has been published in The Dalhousie Review and Descant, has completed a short story collection, and is currently working on a novel. She is a sound editor and documentary filmmaker.
Upside Down

Jürgen Becker, Friedrich Ani, Silke Scheuermann, Harald Hartung
Gisela Argyle (translator) of Canada has published German poetry into English in various Canadian magazines, articles, and the book Germany as Model and Monster: Allusions in English Fiction 1830s-1930s.
Four Contemporary German Poets

Leon Rooke of Canada is the author of, among others, Oh!, Who Goes There, Fat Woman, Shakespeare’s Dog, The Face of Gravity, A Good Baby, The Magician of Love, The Beautiful Wife, The Last Shot, and with Exile Editions in 2010, the novella, Cloistral Clam.
Cloistral Clam

Alain-Pierre Pillet of Switzerland works in cross-genres involving his photography or collaborations with visual artists. He is part of a network of Surrealist-oriented artists, publishes in over thirty literary revues, has worked in film and theatre, and is founder and director of the Geneva publishing house Les éditions des Iles Célèbes. His publications include André Breton à Venise, Heures exquises, Paysage poétique d’André Pieyre de Mandiargues, and Rase campagne (in translation here as Boondocks) which incorporated his photographs.

Carolyn Black of Canada has published in The New Quarterly, Room, and The Dalhousie Review. She has recently completed a manuscript of darkly humorous stories about women and illness.
Serial Love

Baziju is a pen name of Roo Borson and Kim Maltman. Roo Borson’s most recent book of poetry, Short Journey Upriver to Oishida, won the Griffin Poetry Prize, the Pat Lowther Memorial Award, and the Governor General’s Award for Poetry; her latest book is a collection of essays, Personal History. Kim Maltman is a poet, theoretical particle physicist, and member of the collaborative poetry ensemble Pain Not Bread, whose published collection is entitled Introduction to the Introduction to Wang Wei.
Six Poems

Stela Jelincic is an editor responsible for new young Croatian writers at Konzor Publishing, in Croatia, as well as being a regular contributor to the country’s leading weekly, Globus, and the cultural magazine Plan B. This selection comes from her first novel.
A Weed Is Just A Plant Growing In the Wrong Place

Glen Downie of Canada has published fiction, non-fiction, reviews, and six books of poetry.  His latest collection is Loyalty Management for which he won the Toronto Book Award.
Seven Prose Poems

Melissa Hardy of Canada is a native of North Carolina who spent her teenage summers on the Qualla Boundary, a tract of land held in reserve for the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation. She has published the novel A Cry of Bees, two short story collections, and was the winner of both the Journey Prize (for a selection that appeared in Exile Quarterly) and the Canadian Authors Association’s Jubilee Award. Her 2009 novel, excerpted here, is from Broken Road (Exile Editions ).
Broken Road


Michael Beard teaches in the English Department at the University of North Dakota. His most recent book is a translation of poems by Adonis, Mihyar of Damascus, His Songs (with Adnan Haydar).

Marta Simidchieva of Bulgaria teaches Islamic history, culture, and religion at York University and at the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on hybrid texts and East/West cultural interrelations.

Mary Jane White of the United States has appeared in The Hudson Review and The New England Review. She is the Allamakee County Attorney in Waukon, Iowa.

Ray Ellenwood of Canada has, for 30 years, published many translations in Exile Quarterly and Exile Editions, primarily of the literature of Québec; of note with Exile Editions: Egregore, the comprehensive overview of the Montreal Automatists, and the Automatist manifesto, Refus Global, now as an Exile Classics Series book in 2009.

Tomislav Kuzmanovic of Croatia is the translator of two books, and his work has appeared in The Iowa Review, 91st Meridian, eXchanges, Relations, Quorum, Frakcija, and The New European Poetry Anthology. He teaches literary translation at the University of Zadar.

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