Volume 3.2

Spring 1976 – 151 pages

Contributors: Susan Musgrave; Jacques Ferron; Claude Gauvreau; Jeni Couzyn; Phillippe Jacottet; Jaime Gil de Biedma; Dennis Silk; Eydi Caines-Floyd

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Susan Musgrave of Canada is one of the leading young poets in the country. Her books include: Grave-Dirt, Selected Strawberries and The Impstone. She has also published a children’s book, Gullband.

JACQUES FERRON – Three Stories & Claude Gauvreau

Jacques Ferron of Canada is one of the most important writers from Quebec. His works include Tales From An Uncertain Country, and two novels, Papa Boss (Exile, Vol. 1, No.3) and Quince Jam (Exile, Vol. 2, No. 1).

CLAUDE GAUVREAU – Ode to the Enemy and Three Dramatic Objects

Claude Gauvreau of Canada died in 1971. He published very few of his poems, plays, essays and manifestos, but he was the most influential of the Quebec Automatistes, whose roots were surrealism. In Exile, Vol. 1, No. 2, we published The Good Life, a play, and Reflections Of A Young Dramatist.

JENI COUZYN – Four Poems

Jeni Couzyn of South Africa has lived and worked in London, England, but now lives on Canada’s West Coast. Her books of poetry include: Flying, Monkey’s Wedding and Christmas in Africa.


Philippe Jaccottet of France is highly regarded among the post war generation of poets in that country. His collected Poésie (1946-67) was published in 1971.


Jamie Gil de Biedma of Spain is among the finest poets in that country. He has published only a small amount of work, including Diary Of A Seriously Ill Writer.

DENNIS SILK – The Drop and the Doll’s House

Dennis Silk of Israel was born in London, England. He has been living in Jerusalem since 1955. He has published prose, a book of poems, A Face Of Stone, and a Jerusalem anthology, Retrievements, in English. His works have also been published in Hebrew.

EYDI CAINES-FLOYD – The Silly Shepherd

Eydi Caines-Floyd of Canada is an illustrator and storyteller. The Silly Shepherd or The Saga Of Shades Simon is her first published work.

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