Volume 29.2

Summer 2005

P.K. PAGE – Eatings

P.K. Page began publishing in the 1940s, when she was a member of Montreal¹s Preview Group. Her works of poetry include: The Glass Air; Hologram; and The Hidden Room: Collected Poems. Of note is her memoir, Brazilian Journal.

ROO BORSON – Two Prose Poems

Roo Borson of Canada is the author of nine books of poetry, among them: Landfall; Rain; A Sad Device; The Whole Night; Coming Home; Night Walk; Water Memory; and Short Journey Upriver Toward Oishida, winner of the 2005 $50,000 Griffin Prize.

YEHUDA AMICHAI – The Day Martin Buber Was Buried

Yehuda Amichai of Israel was generally regarded as the national poet of that country and one of the world’s greatest living poets until his death in 2000. Two of his plays for radio in stage performances The Day Martin Buber Was Buried and To Love In Jerusalem have been presented recently in New York and Toronto, directed by Adam Seelig. Amichai was a contributing editor to Exile, from its founding in 1972, until 2000.

KRISTI-LY GREEN – Three Drawings and A Short Story

Kristi-Ly Green of Canada has published in several literary journals and is the author of a book of short stories, Nits. A story from that book recently appeared in ¿Dónde es aqui?, an anthology of short fiction from Canada, published in translation in Mexico, and another story appeared in Margaret Atwood Presents: Stories by Canada’s Best New Women Writers.


Sandy Shreve of Canada has published three poetry collections: The Speed of the Wheel Is Up to the Father; Bewildered Rituals; and Belonging. Recently, she co-edited (with Kate Braid) In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry. This autumn, she will publish Suddenly, So Much with Exile Editions.

NIGEL DICKSON – Omnium Gatherum #3

Nigel Dickson (photo section) of Canada has won numerous awards for his photography, including a Lifetime Achievement Award (A&DCC), and the most Gold Awards, in any visual category, for the National Magazine Awards in Canada, and a handful in the US. He has published in Toronto Life, Weekend, Chatelaine, Esquire, Fast Company, Saturday Night, Forbes, Business Week, Globe & Mail, Vogue, NY Times Magazine, Rolling Stone, Time, Newsweek, Sunday Times (UK), and Weekend Telegraph (UK). He is currently working on his first major retrospective for the autumn of 2006.


Emma Roberts of Canada is publishing fiction for the first time.

SEÁN VIRGO – Ciao, Father Time

Seán Virgo of Canada is the author of several works of fiction: Selakhi, a novel; White Lies and Other Fictions Plus Two; Through the Eyes of a Cat; Wormwood and Waking in Eden. He recently edited and introduced an edition of Charles G.D. Roberts’ Kindred of the Wild. He is completing a novel and collection of short stories.

JOHN REEVES – Oscar Peterson I & II

John Reeves (cover giclées) of Canada is outstanding among this country’s photographers. Collections of his portrait work include About Face, Exile’s Exiles and Incontro: Where Italy and Canada Meet.

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