Volume 28.2

Summer 2004

KRISTI-LY GREEN – Notes from a Sinus Infected Country (Respiration Obscured)

Kristi-Ly Green of Canada has published in several literary journals and is the author of a book of short stories, Nits. A story from that book recently appeared in ¿Dónde es aqui? an anthology of short fiction from Canada, published in translation in Mexico, and another story appeared in Margaret Atwood Presents: Stories by Canada’s Best New Women Writers.

ELLE ROOKE – The Arts Tonight

Elle Rooke of Canada, writing for years under the nom de plume of Leon Rooke, is the author of – among other books–Oh!, Who Goes There, Fat Woman, Shakespeare’s Dog, and The Face of Gravity.


Andra Neiburga of Latvia is the author of two story collections, Stuffed Birds and Birds in Cages and Push, Push, and a children’s book, The Story of Tilli and the Dogs’ Man.


Marilyn Bowering of Canada has published several volumes of poetry, including Sleeping With Lambs, Giving Back Diamonds, Anyone Can See I Love You, The Sunday Before Winter, Grandfather Was a Soldier, Love as It Is, and an Autobiography. She has published a novel, To All Appearances a Lady.

SAMANTHA BERNSTEIN – Prelude and Two Poems

Samantha Bernstein of Canada is a young writer. She has won the Sorbara and President’s Writing Awards from York University. This is her first published work.

KENNETH J. HARVEY – The Forest of that Tree

Kenneth J. Harvey of Canada is a poet, novelist, and essayist. Among his works are Kill the Poets: anti-verse, The Hole That Must Be Filled, Brud, The Great Misogynist, Everyone Hates a Beauty Queen; his first biography is Little White Squaw (co-written with Eve Mills Nash), and his latest novel is The Town That Forgot How to Breathe. His new story collection, Shack, will appear in the autumn of 2004.

SAM CHEUK – Four Poems

Sam Cheuk of Canada is a young writer. These are his first published poems.


Daniel Nemiroff of Canada has written and toured the country with three Fringe plays, Live Sex Show-Llamas, Step, and The Devil’s Asylum. He has worked as a freelance journalist, soccer coach, debating coach, statistician, script doctor, and quasi-mob enforcer. His first published story appeared in Volume 28.1, and his first collection of stories, Nasty, Short and Brutal will appear in the autumn of 2004.


Richard Teleky of Canada has published two novels, Pack Up the Moon and The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin, which won the American Harold Ribalow Prize for the best novel of 1999.

NORA IKSTENA – Amaryllises

Nora Ikstena of Latvia has published four collections of short stories, Trifles and Amusements, Deceptive Romances, Tales with Endings, Life Stories; two novels, Celebration of Life and The Education of a Virgin; as well as the biographies, Returning and Unbelievably…Stories About the Three Lives of Bruno Rubess.


Len Gasparini of Canada is the author of Ink From an Octopus, Blind Spot, A Demon in My View, and Broken World: Collected Works.

ARVIS KOLMANIS – The Drunk Cupid or the Dead God

Arvis Kolmanis of Latvia is the author of a novel, The Drunk Cupid or the Dead God.

MARTHA TOLEDO – Cover Photographs

Martha Toledo (cover) of Mexico has exhibited in Germany, Italy, El Salvador and Mexico. She is currently working on a photography book exploring the life of women in southern Mexico.


Stephen Zeifman (photo section) of Canada is the author of three works of fiction including Peripheral Vision, The Family Man and The Good Friend. He has been experimenting with photographic techniques since 1979 when his work was first shown at Idee Gallery in Toronto.

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