Volume 27.4

Winter 2003

YI SANG – Encounters and Departures

Yi Sang of (South) Korea (1910 — 1937) was in the forefront of the modernist movement in that country. He was a poet and storyteller and the author of many influential essays on the function of literature in society in his time. In 1977, the Yi Sang Literature Prize, recognizing his high achievement in fiction, was established in Seoul.


Lillian Necakov of Canada is the author of Hat Trick, Polaroids, Tiny Elvis, My Caucasian Nightmare, Sickbed of Dogs, Listen, Murder Becomes Us, Cowboy in Hamburg, and Crunch.

JAMES MARSHALL – The Last Thing You Want To Look At In A Strip Club

James Marshall of Canada has appeared in Prism International and The Malahat Review. A collection of his short stories is set to be published by Thistledown Press later this year.

MAX JACOB – Poems in Two Parts

Max Jacob of France (1876 — 1944) was one of three figures in France who presided over the artistic movement between the Great Wars: Picasso, Apollinaire and Max Jacob – bohemian turned mystic, burlesque clown turned Catholic – who died in a concentration camp wearing a yellow star. He had enormous influence not only on the generation of French poets who followed the Second War – Cocteau, Fombeure and Prévert – but on the first modern Canadian poet, W.W.E. Ross. These translations appear in Ross’s recently released Irreralities, Sonnets and Laconics (Exile Editions). The books of Max Jacob are: Les Ouevres Burlesques et Mystiques de Frère Matorel, Le Cornet à dés, La Défense de Tartuffe, Le Laboratoire Central, Art Poétique, Les Pénitents en Maillots Roses, Morceaux Choisis, and Derniers Poèms.

MIKE SCHERTZER – A Personal Dictionary

Mike Schertzer of Canada has published numerous books including Short Films from the Fourteenth Century (Exile Editions) and Dissociative Fugue and Devil’s Wine, limited editions of A Personal Dictionary.

JOANNE VASIGA-PROULX – The Taste of Orange

Joanne Vasiga-Proulx of Canada lives in Paris, France, and this is her first published story.


Halli Villegas of Canada has published poetry in Pagitica, Another Toronto Quarterly, and Literary Review of Canada. Red Promises appeared in 2001, and her second book, In The Silence Absence Makes, will appear in 2004.

LAUREN B. DAVIS – For Marlene Who Became A Bear

Lauren B. Davis of Canada, who until recently lived in Paris, but now resides in the United States, is the author of a collection of stories, Rat Medicine and Other Unlikely Curatives, and a novel, The Stubborn Season.

WILLIAM LYNCH – The Puppet Masters

William Lynch of Canada has appeared in the Malahat Review, The New Quarterly, Descant, Fiddlehead, Grain, and Exile. He is the author of two novels: Parksville and Clouds.

CLAIRE WEISSMAN WILKS – Colour Section and Cover

Claire Weissman Wilks . (colour section and cover) of Canada has work in many private and public collections, nationally and internationally. She has exhibited in Rome, Toronto, New York, Zagreb, Calgary, Stockholm, Jerusalem and Mexico. In 2004 she will have a retrospective of her work, 1982 – 2002, at the Music Conservatory in Hamilton, Canada

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