Volume 25.3

Autumn 2001 – 131 pages

Contributors: Scipione; Suki Lee; Ethan Gilsdorf; Dane Zajc; Ray Hsu; Neale McDevitt; Lisa Pasold; Seán Virgo; Rob Matejka

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SCIPIONE – Poems and Drawings

Scipione (Gino Bonichi) of Italy, born in 1904, died at the age of 29 of tuberculosis. His work was included in Lirici nuovi, the path-breaking anthology of 1943, despite the fact he published only ten poems in his life. His drawings reflected the oscillation between sensuality and religious transcendence that was, and remains, so fresh in his poetry.

SUKI LEE – Go Through the Waves

Suki Lee of Canada published her first fiction in Exile, and has since appeared in the anthology Hot & Bothered 3: Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire. She is completing a novel, Go Through the Waves, set during the Korean war, and printed here is an excerpt from the work.


Ethan Gilsdorf of the United States has had poems published in Poetry, The Southern Review, The Massachusetts Review, Poetry London and Southern Poetry Review. He is the winner of the Hobblestock Peace Poetry Competition and the Esmé Bradberry Contemporary Poets Prize. He lives in Paris where he is managing editor of Frank (the Parisian literary magazine).

DANE ZAJC – Scorpions

Dane Zajc of Slovenia was born in 1929. He has published some 24 books of poetry, and more than a half-dozen of his plays have been produced. Poems in translation have appeared in Contemporary Yugoslav Poetry (1977), Les livres slovène (1982), and Ashes, translated by Michael Biggins and Michael Scammel (1990). He published his first poem in 1948, and in 1951, because of “verbal offence,” was sentenced to three months in jail. He was then sent to serve military duty. “A person,” he has said, “can never get rid of the pictures of his first solitary confinement.” He persevered and never stopped writing poetry. In the ’80s he was awarded the “Goranov vijenac” (Goran’s Wreath) and the Great Preseren Award.

RAY HSU – Benjamin: Nine Epilogues

Ray Hsu of Canada is the author of a chapbook, Gordian Chants, and is currently co-editor of the literary journal Pan del Muerto. Benjamin: Nine Epilogues won the 2001 Norma Epstein Award and the 2001 E.J. Pratt Medal and Prize in Poetry. His work has appeared in Blood and Aphorisms and has been scored for performance at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.

NEALE McDEVITT – Honey-tongued Hooker

Neale McDevitt of Canada is a young Montreal writer. “Honey-Tongued Hooker” won this year’s CBC-Quebec Writer’s Federation Short Story Competition. This is his first published fiction.

LISA PASOLD – Five Poems

Lisa Pasold of Canada has published in Canadian and European literary magazines, including Prism International and La Porte des Poètes. Raised in Montreal, she now lives in Paris.

SEÁN VIRGO – The Boar Hunt

Seán Virgo of Canada is the author of several works of fiction: Selakhi, a novel, White Lies and Other Fictions Plus Two, Wormwood, and Waking in Eden. He is currently completing a new collection of short stories and a novel, and this fall, an expanded edition of his stories, Through the Eyes of a Cat, will appear, along with his edited and introduced edition of Charles G.D. Roberts¹ Kindred of the Wild.

ROB MATEJKA – Cover Paintings

Rob Matejka is a young artist living and working in Toronto. These are his first published works.

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