Volume 25.1

Spring 2001 – 131 pages

Contributors: Bernardo Ruiz; George Elliot Clarke; Janice Kulyk Keefer; Francisco Hinojosa; Christopher Doda; Guadalupe Orendain/Virginia Hernández-Chávez/Conchita Rivera/Claudia Hecht; David Lampe; Leon Rooke; Marilyn Bowering; Ana Luisa Chico

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BERNARDO RUIZ – Queen of Shadows

Bernardo Ruiz of Mexico has published several novels, including Ways of the Hotel; story collections, Queen of Shadows and The Other Shore; and poetry, The Night and the Hours.


George Elliott Clarke of Canada is the author of Lush Dreams, Blue Exile; Beatrice Chancey; Whylah Falls; Execution Poems; and Blue.

JANICE KULYK KEEFER – Looe, October, 2000

Janice Kulyk Keefer of Canada has published Rest Harrow; a novel, The Green Library; a memoir, Honey and Ashes; and poetry, Marrying the Sea.

FRANCISCO HINOJOSA – Marina Dosal, Juice Vendor

Francisco Hinojosa of Mexico is the author of Hectic Stories and Black Report; The Worst Lady in the World and Doctor Funes Formula, children¹s stories; and chronicles, A Taxi in L.A.


Christopher Doda of Canada has published in the Literary Review of Canada, Queen Street Quarterly, and his first book of poems, There Are No Conquered Cities, will appear in the autumn of 2001.

FOUR MEXICAN PAINTERS – Feminalia (Colour Section)

Guadalupe Orendain of Guadalajara, Mexico, is a teacher and painter who has exhibited in Mexico, Italy and the United States.

Virginia Hernández-Chávez of Torreón, Mexico, now lives in Guadalajara and has exhibited in Mexico and Italy.

Conchita Rivera of El Rosario Sinaloa, Mexico, now lives in Guadalajara and has exhibited in Mexico and Italy.

Claudia Hecht of Mexico City, Mexico, now lives in Guadalajara and has exhibited in Mexico, Spain, Italy and the United States.

DAVID LAMPE – Three Poems

David Lampe of the United States is a distinguished professor of medieval studies and modern poetry. These are his first published poems.

LEON ROOKE – Crazy in Love Everyone All the Time

Leon Rooke of Canada is the author of many novels and collections of short stories, including Sing Me No Love Songs; A Bolt of White Cloth; Fat Women; Shakespeare¹s Dog; The Good Baby; Oh! ­ Twenty-seven Stories; Who Goes There; and The Fall of Gravity.


Marilyn Bowering of Canada has published Interior Castle; Autobiography; To All Appearances A Lady, a novel; Visible Worlds; and her collected poems, Human Bodies.

ANA LUISA CHICO – Cover Paintings

Ana Luisa Chico of Mexico City, Mexico, has exhibited in Mexico and the United States.

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