Volume 24.4

Winter2000 – 125 pages

Contributors: Jirair Jerry Tutunjian; Phyllis Gotlieb; Richard Teleky; Priscila Uppal; Lauren B. Davis; Claudia Solis-Ogarrio; Kenneth J. Harvey; David Wevill; Tracy Carbert; Joseph Guglielmi; Raquel; Jacques Roubaud

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JIRAIR JERRY TUTUNJIAN – Convent of Cypresses, a Hill of Bones

Jirair Jerry Tutunjian of Canada is a well-known journalist, lecturer, and the distinguished editor of several magazines, including Leisure Ways and, presently, TravelMagazine.


Phyllis Gotlieb of Canada is the author of several collections of verse, including, Within the Zodiac, Ordinary Moving, The Kingdom of Cats, and Heart of Red Iron.

RICHARD TELEKY – Jay Moran’s Journal

Richard Teleky of Canada, for his recent book, The Paris Years of Rosie Kamin, received the 1999 Harold Ribalow Prize (U.S.) for the best novel of the year, and the 1998 Vermont Book of the Year Award. “Jay Moran’s Journal” comes from Teleky’s novel-in progress, Pack Up the Moon.


Priscila Uppal of Canada has published two books of poems, How to Draw Blood from a Stone and Confessions of a Fertility Expert. Her new book, to be published in the spring of 2001, is Pretending to Die.

LAUREN B. DAVIS – An Unrehearsed Desire

Lauren B. Davis of Canada, who now lives in Paris, is the author of a collection of stories, Rat Medicine and Other Unlikely Curatives.


Claudia Solis-Ogarrio of Mexico has published Poemas al Fresco, and her forthcoming book is Insomnios/Insomnia/ Insomnies, a trilingual collection of poems.

KENNETH J. HARVEY – The People of His Own Faith

Kenneth J. Harvey of Canada is a poet, novelist, and essayist. Among his works are, Kill the Poets: anti-verse, Directions for an Opened Body, The Hole that Must Be Filled, Brud, The Great Misogynist, The Flesh So Close, The Woman in the Closet, Everyone Hates a Beauty Queen – Provocative Opinions and Irreverent Humour, and most recently, Skin Hound.

DAVID WEVILL – Seven Poems

David Wevill of Canada has published Birth of a Shark, A Christ of the Ice Floes, Firebreak, Where the Arrow Falls, Casual Ties, Other Names for the Heart: Selected Poems 1964-1984, Figure of Eight, and Child Eating Snow.

TRACY CARBERT – Eight Photographs

Tracy Carbert of Canada is a young photographer. These are her first published works.

JOSEPH GUGLIELMI – The But Too White Fables

Joseph Guglielmi of France is the author of essays and of many works of poetry, among which are Alba, Le mais trop blanc, La préparation des titres, Fins de verse, Das, la mort, Joe¹s Bunker, K ou Le dit du passage, Grungy Project and most recently Travelogue.


Raquel of France has been a force in the history of small press publishing in France. She is a painter, a writer and scholar, and has collaborated with many other writers as a visual artist. She currently publishes Notes.

JACQUES ROUBARD – Po&egrav;sie, Etcetera: Menage

Jacques Roubaud of France is a member of the editorial committees of Action poétique, Change, and Po&sie. Among his books are E, Mono no aware: le sentiment des choses, Trente et un au cube, Mezura, La Fleur inverse, Le grand incendie de Londres, La Boucle, L¹invention du fils de Léoprepes, Poésie etcetera: menage, and La forme d¹une ville change plus vite, hélas, que le coeur des humains.
NORMA COLE – Translator – Po&egrav;sie, Etcetera: Menage

Norma Cole of Canada is a poet, painter and translator. Her most recent poetry publications are The Vulgar Tongue, Desire & Its Double and Spinoza in Her Youth. Her current translation work includes Danielle Collobert’s Journals, Anne Portugal’s Nude and a book of poetry by Lebanese writer Fouad Gabriel Naffah. Cole has been the recipient of a Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation Award, Gertrude Stein Awards, as well as awards from The Fund for Poetry. She now lives in San Francisco.

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