Volume 24.2

Summer 2000 – 125 pages

Contributors: Federico Andahaz; Hal Niedzviecki; Ken Babstock; Patrick Roscoe; Michael Piafsky; Hayden Carruth; Josef Skvorecky; Jo-Anne Taraba; Annette Kraft

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FEDERICO ANDAHAZI – The Merciful Women

Federico Andahazi of Argentina is the author of The Anat-omist, a novel published in a dozen languages around the world. His new novel, The Merciful Woman – which will appear in the fall ‹ has been translated by Alberto Manguel.

HAL NEIDZVIECKI – Punk Rock Roll Model

Hal Niedzviecki of Canada, the editor of Broken Pencil magazine, a guide to alternative culture and zines, is the author of a short fiction collection, Smell It, the editor of Concrete Forest; the new fiction of urban Canada, and We Want Some Too: Unacceptable Art and the Reinvention of Mass Culture, and Lurvey, a re-telling and deconstruction of Charlotte¹s Web.

KEN BABSTOCK – Eight Poems

Ken Babstock of Canada has appeared in several journals and anthologies. He won The National Magazine Gold medal Award for poetry, and his first collection, Mean, won the Milton Acorn Award.

PATRICK ROSCOE – The Murdered Child

Patrick Roscoe of Canada has published five books of fiction, and has been translated into six languages. His novels are God¹s Peculiar Care, and The Lost Oasis. His short fiction has been collected in Beneath the Western Slopes, Birthmarks and Love Is Starving for Itself. His stories have won two CBC literary competitions and two Western Magazine Awards.

MICHAEL PIAFSKY – Courage Smells of Blood

Michael Piafsky of Canada is a young writer of fiction. “Courage Smells of Blood” is his first published story.


Hayden Carruth of the United States has published more than twenty volumes of poetry, earning many awards, including the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry, the Harriet Monroe Award, Guggenheim and NEA fellowships, and the National Book Award For Poetry.

JOSEF SKVORECKY – Filthy Cruel World

Josef Skvorecky of Canada is the author of many novels, including The Bass Saxophone, The Engineer of Human Souls, The Miracle Game, Dvorack in Love, The Bride of Texas, The Cowards, Miss Silver¹s Past and The Republic of Whores. Headed for the Blues is a memoir with ten stories. “Filthy Cruel World” is from a new collection of stories, When Eve Was Naked, that will appear this fall.

JO-ANNE TARABA – Cover Painting (front)

Jo-Anne Taraba of Canada is a young painter who has exhibited primarily in the Niagara region of Ontario.

ANNETTE KRAFT VAN ERMEL – Cover Painting (back)

Annette Kraft van Ermel of Canada is a young painter who has exhibited primarily in Toronto.

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