Volume 22.4

Winter 1998 – 125 pages

Contributors: Yehuda Amichai; Christopher Nowlan; Joe Rosenblatt; Suki Lee; Pierre Morency; Michael Winter; Sorel Etrog; George Murray; William Lynch

status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R224

YEHUDA AMICHAI – Jerusalem is a Merry-Go-Round

Yehuda Amichai of Israel, poet and contributing editor to Exile since its founding in 1972, has been translated into more than 20 languages. His new book of poems, translated, Open Closed Open, was published this year.


Christopher Nolan of Ireland was given the 1987 Whitbread Book of the Year Award for the story of his childhood, Under the Eye of the Clock. His first novel, The Banyan Tree, will be published this summer.

JOE ROSENBLATT – Parrot Drawings

Joe Rosenblatt of Canada has been a prolific poet: Dream Craters, Bumblebee Dithyramb, Virgins and Vampire, Top Soil, The Sleeping Lady, Brides of the Stream, Poetry Hotel — Selected Poems 1963 — 1985, and A Tentacled Mother. In 1995, he published the Joe Rosenblatt Reader. He also published two volumes of memoirs, Escape from the Glue Factory, and The Kissing Goldfish of Siam. The Voluptuous Gardener, a collection of his drawings, paintings and writings appeared in 1996.

SUKI LEE – Clown Faces

Suki Lee of Canada is a young fiction writer living in Montreal. This is her first published story.

PIERRE MORENCY – Glimmer on the Mountain

Pierre Morency of Canada is in the forefront of Québec poetry. His works include: Torrentiel, Effets personnels, Les paroles qui marchent and Lumière des oiseaux. Two volumes have appeared in English translation: A Season for Birds and The Eye is an Eagle.

MICHAEL WINTER – Femke, and His Then Girl Friend

Michael Winter of Canada has published fiction in small magazines, and a collection of his fiction appeared with Porcupine’s Quill in 1999.

SOREL STROG – Italian Portraits

Sorel Strog of Canada is outstanding among contemporary sculptors. His work is in all the major international private and institutional collections. He has published two books with Exile Editions: Dream Chamber: Joyce and the Dada Circus — A Collage, and, Images from the Film Spiral: Text by Marshall McLuhan. His drawings reflect a long and abiding attachment to Italy.


George Murray of Canada has published fiction and poetry in several small magazines, including Prism, prairie Fire, Fiddlehead, and Antigosh Review.


William Lynch of Canada has published the novel, Parksville, as well as several short stories.

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