Volume 21.4

Winter 1997 – 125 pages

Contributors: William Kennedy; Ruth Tarson; David Donnell; Michelle Man Ha Tse; Loise Bak; Elizabeth Ukrainetz; Mirkka Rekola; Pierre Nepveu; William Ronald; Bill Gaston; JonArno Lawson; Martha Cooley

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WILLIAM KENNEDY – An Introduction to Ruth Tarson’s Stories

William Kennedy of the United States, the well-known man of letters, is the author of the novels The Ink Truck, Legs, Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game, Ironweed, Quinn’s Book, Very Old Bones and The Flaming Corsage, and the non-fiction, O Albany! and Riding the Yellow Trolley Car.

RUTH TARSON – Three Stories

Ruth Tarson of the United States was an actress, comedienne, journalist and storyteller. She wrote at least two novels and about two dozen short stories, but published only three in her lifetime. She died in April of 1997.


David Donnell of Canada has published poetry: Poems, The Blue Sky, Dangerous Crossings, Settlements, China Blues and Dancing in the Dark and prose: Hemingway in Toronto/A Post-Modern Tribute, and The Blue Ontario Hemingway Boat Race.

MICHELLE MAN HA TSE – Weather Predictions and Flight Patterns for S.

Michelle Man Ha Tse of Canada is a young lawyer and writer. This is her first published work.

LOUISE BAK – Mina Tulpa

Louise Bak of Canada is a young writer who has appeared in the journals and anthologies Absinthe, Fireweed, Tessera, Rampike, WestCoast Line and PlusZero. Her first book of poems, Gingko Kitchen was published by Coach House Press.


Elizabeth Ukrainetz of Canada is the author of two works of fiction: short stories, Baby I Love You, and a novel, Minor Assumptions.


Mirkka Rekola of Finland is outstanding among that country’s contemporary poets, and was acknowledged by the international community when she was awarded the Suomi Prize in 1995. She has produced eighteen works over forty years, including Vedessä palaa (Burning in Water), Syksy muuttaa linnut (Autumn Changes the Birds), and Taivas päivystää (Sky on Duty) which appeared last year.


Pierre Nepveu of Canada is a leading man of letters in Québec. His several books include Roman-Fleuves which won the Governor General’s Award in 1997. The translation of that book appear with Exile Editions.

WILLIAM RONALD – Seven Drawings

William Ronald of Canada, a painter whose work is in major collections and institutions on three continents, died as this issue was going to press in very early 1998. He left an enormous body of work, all marked by his great generosity of spirit and a brilliant colour sense. He was a great friend of Exile, his work appearing in many issues over the years.

BILL GASTON – With Your Hand in Satan’s Gleaming Guts

Bill Gaston of Canada has published Tall Lives, North of Jesus’ Beans, The Cameraman, and Bella Combe. A new selection of stories will appear in the Fall of 1998, by Cormorant.

JONARNO LAWSON – October New Mexico

JonArno Lawson of Canada is a young poet whose first book, Love is An Observant Traveller, was published by Exile Editions in 1997.

MARTHA COOLEY – The Archivist

Martha Cooley of the United States lives and writes in Brooklyn, New York. Her first novel, The Archivist, appeared in 1998.

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