Volume 20.4

Winter 1996 – 143 pages

Contributors: Kate Pullinger; Gottfried Benn; Don Summerhayes; David Day; Melissa Hardy; John Reeves; Margaret Gibson

status: RARE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R204

KATE PULLINGER – Three Stories

kate Pullinger of Canada, moved to London in 1982. Her first book, Tiny Lies, a collection of stories, was published in 1988, and was followed by two novels, When the Monster Dies andWhere Does Kissing End? She co-wrote the novel based on the film The Piano with director Jane Campian, and most recently published another novel, The Last Time I Saw jane. A new collection of stories, My Life as a Girl in a Men’s Prison will appear in 1997.


Gottfried Benn of Germany, by the late ’40s, had assumed Rilke’s position as secret king of German poetry; in his mature poems and poetics he combined sober despair with a principle of l’art por l’art salvation: the world was empty, history unreal, and the “absolute poem” devoid of hope “addressed to no one” contained the only possible significance. For years after the publication of his Statische Gedichte, 1948/Static Poems until his death in 1956, Benn fascinated younger intellectuals and poets as he expressed disgust with history, juxtaposing incompatible vocabularies.


Don Summerhayes of Canada has published Winter Apples, Heavy Horse Judging, Watermelon, and Remembering Sleep. He won the Stephen Leacock Poetry Prize in 1995.


David Day of Canada has published The Burroughs Bestiary, A Tolkein Bestiary, The Scarlet Coat Serial, The Doomsday Book of Animals, Castles, The Emperor’s Panda, Gothic, The Whole War, and The Quest for King Arthur.


Mellisa Hardy of Canada is the author of the novel A Cry For Bears. She has written two series of stories focusing on the Eastern band of tehe Cherokees, Constant Fire and Dream Catcher. Her story, “Long Man The River,” that first appeared in Exile, won the $10,000.00 1993 Journey Prize for Fiction.

JOHN REEVES – Margaret Gibson: A Portfolio

John Reeves of Canada, a distinguished photographer, has had one-man exhibitions of his portraits in New York, Thunder Bay, Rome, Saskatoon, and Toronto.

MARGARET GIBSON – Desert Thirst – Cacti

Margaret Gibson of Canada published The Butterfly Ward in 1976. One of the stories from that collection, “Making It,” was published into the movie Outrageous. Since then, she has published Considering Her Condition, Sweet Poison, The Fear Room and a novel, Opium Dreams.

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