Volume 20.2

Summer 1996 – 143 pages

Contributors: Timothy Findley; Susan Musgrave; Clair Dé; JonArno Lawson; Chris Harris; David Donnell; Roxane Ward

status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R201


Timothy Findley of Canada, one of the country’s finest novelists, has published: The Last of the Crazy People, The Wars, Famous Last Words, Dinner Along the Amazon, Not Wanted on the Voyage, Stones, Headhunter, The Piano Man’s Daughter, You Went Away, and Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer’s Workbook.

SUSAN MUSGRAVE – The Selected Poems of Paul Durcan

Susan Musgrave of Canada is a novelist and poet, and among her books of verse are: Songs of the Sea Witch, Grave-Dirt and Selected Short Strawberries, The Impstone, A Man to Marry A Man to Bury, Tarts and Muggers, Cocktails at the Mausoleum, The Embalmer’s Art: Selected Poems, and Forcing the Narcissus.

CLAIR DÉ – Soundless Loves

Clair Dé of Canada is one of Québec’s most innovative young fiction writers. Exile Editions published Desire as Natural Disaster, stories, which was awarded the Stendhal prize in Paris.

JONARNO LAWSON – Noon Whistle Poems

JonArno Lawson of Canada is a young poet, and these are his first published poems.

CHRIS HARRIS – Four prose Poems

Chris Harris of Canada, who published his first prose poem in an earlier Exile, was raised by a Northern Plains Cree Indian grandmother. He was her Mooshoo. He has been a fisherman, lighthouse keeper, Inuit carver, gargoyle builder and “mafia son-in-law.” He was a painter in New York. He now hunts Dungeness Crabs on the West Coast of Canada.


David Donnell of Canada has published poetry: Poems, The Blue Sky, Dangerous Crossings, Settlements, China Blues – Poems and Stories, and Dancing in the Dark; and prose: Hemingway in Toronto / A Post-Modern Tribute, and The Blue Ontario Hemingway Boat Race.

ROXANE WARD – Fits Like a Rubber Dress

Roxane Ward of Canada is a young writer and this excerpt from her novel-in-progress, Fits Like a Rubber Dress, is her first published prose.

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