Volume 19.4

Winter 1995 – 127 pages

Contributors: Edward Kinski; Hans Sahl; Seán Virgo; Linda Rogers; Richard Van Dusen; Patrick Lane; Stephen Gray; Jo-Anne Berman; Karen Connelly; Lawrence de Looze

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EDWARD KINSKI – Four Stories

Edward Kinski of Canada, a young writer, is publishing for the first time. His first book, The Escalade, appear in the Darkhorse Series.

HANS SAHL – Four Stories

Hans Sahl of Germany died in 1993 at the age of nine-one. As a Jew and a Communist, Sahl was on Hitler’s black list and had to leave Germany as early as 1933. After a few years of trying to stay one step ahead of the Nazi armies, Sahl ended up in New York where he lived in exile for fifty years. He returned to Germany in 1989. During his exile in New York, Sahl was the German-language translator for Thorton Wilder, Arthur Miller and Tennessee Williams. “Snakepit”” was originally published in 1926, “The Border”” in 1959, and “Two Tales From The Great Dementia”” in 1986.


LINDA ROGERS – Seven Poems

Linda Rogers of Canada is a poet and children’s storyteller who has been given many prizes: The Stephen Leacock Award, the British Columbia Writer’s Poetry Prize, the Reuben Rose Memorial Prize (Israel) and the Dorothy Livesay Award all for poems which appeared in her New and Selected: Love In The Rainforest.


Richard Van Dusen of Canada is a young writer published fiction for the first time.

PATRICK LANE – Aberdeen Lake

Patrick Lane of Canada is one of the country’s most distinguished poets and most prolific, having published numerous volumes, among them: Poems New And Selected, A Linen Crow/A Caftan Magpie, Selected Poems, and Mortal Remains.


Stephen Gray of South Africa is the author of many books: It’s About Time, The Assassination of Shaks, Hottentot Venus and Other Poems, Love Poems: Hate Poems, Apollo Care, Season of Violence, and Selected Poems.

JO-ANNE BERMAN – The Catwalk

Jo-Anne Berman of Canada, a writer whose first story, Catwalk, appeared in eye was here, an anthology of “young woman’s experience”.


Karen Connelly of Canada, the winner of the Governor General’s Award for her 1993 non-fiction book Touch The Dragon: A Thai Journal, is also the author of two collections of poetry, The Small Words In My Body and This Brighter Prison.


Lawrence de Looze of the United States has published in The Antioch Review, Mundus Artium, The Fiddlehead, The Ontario Review, MSS, and Carolina Quarterly.

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