Volume 19.3

Fall 1995 – 172 pages

Contributors: Alma Subasic; A.B. Yehoshua; Dean R. Vincent; M.L. Rosenthal; Austin Clarke; Jon Papernick; Morley Callaghan

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Alma Subasic of Canada is a young writer. This opening section from her novel in progress, Fattening Frogs For Snakes, is her first published fiction.

A.B. YOHOSHUA – Night Babies

A.B. Yehoshua of Israel is one of that country’s highly acclaimed writers and his books have been translated into many languages. His works include A Late Divorce, The Love, Early in the Summer of 1970, Three Days and a Child, Between Right and Right, Five Seasons, and most recently, Mr. Mani.

DEAN R. VINCENT – The Killer then Calmly

Dean R. Vincent of Canada is a young short story writer, and this is his second published fiction. He is also a constable in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He and his lover, Nicole ‘Nikki’ Bird, are on the cover, she being a constable in the Lindsay Municipal Police Services.

M.L. ROSENTHAL – In the World Pub

M.L. Rosenthal of the United States is among that country’s most distinguished men of letters. He is the author of a number of widely acclaimed books of criticism, most recently The Poet’s Art, Our Life in Poetry: Selected Essays, and Running To Paradise: Yeat’s Poetic Art. His many volumes of poetry include Blue Boy on Skates: Poems, Beyond Power: New Poems, The View From the Peacock’s Tail, She: A Sequence of Poems, and Poems, 1964-1980.

AUSTIN CLARKE – The Question

Austin Clarke of Canada is a novelist and short story writer. His books include: The Survivors Of The Crossing, Amongst Thistles And Thorns, The Meeting Point, Storms Of Fortune, When He Was Free And Young And He Used To Wear Silks, The Bigger Light, The Prime Minister, Under The Sandbox Tree, When Women Rule, Nine Men Who Laughed, Proud Empires, In This City, and most recently, There Are No Elders, and a memoir of his days with the writer, Samuel Selvon, A Passage Back Home.


Jon Papernick of Canada is a young writer. this chapter from his novel in progress, The Three Annas, is his first published fiction.


Morley Callaghan of Canada, who was born in 1903 and died in 1990, was the author of more than one hundred short stories, several plays, a memoir, That Summer In Paris, and eighteen novels. This little experimental story was found among his papers as they were being prepared for the National Archives. It cannot be dated exactly, but must be from 1923-25. It is a curiosity in itself (he liked to quote the lines from Ezra Pound – who became his first editor in 1927 – all his life, at the drop of a hat, or any mischance), but it is also interesting to see what he was doing at very much the same age of so many of the young writers who appear in Exile, bearing in mind that Pound’s magazine – edited in Rapallo – was called The Exile.

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