Volume 18.2

Summer 1994 – 167 pages

Contributors: Kenneth J. Harvey; Diane Schoemperlen; Elizabeth Wassell; Aaron Woodley; Primo Levi; MaryAnn Camilleri; Melissa Hardy; Seán Virgo

status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # BA182

KENNETH J. HARVEY – A Natural Thing

Kenneth J. Harvey of Canada has published an early collection of stories, Directions For An Opened Body, a novel, Brud, and a new collection of stories, The Hole That Must Be Filled.


Diane Schoemperlen of Canada has published Double Exposure, Frogs And Other Stories, Hockey Night In Canada, The Man Of My Dreams; her first novel, In The Language Of Love, will appear shortly. The illustrations in this story are from Images of Medicine: A Definitive Volume of More than 4800 Engravings.


Elizabeth Wassell of the United States has completed a novel. This excerpt from that novel, The Don’s Farewell, is her first published work.


Aaron Woodley of Canada is a young student of film. A story, The Ratcatcher, appeared in Exile, 17:4. That same year he received the Toronto Arts Foundation Protegé Award. His short film, Pipe Dreams, developed out of these storyboards, was shown recently in Toronto.

PRIMO LEVI – Twelve Poems

Primo Levi of Italy was one of the most important and gifted writers of his time. His books available in English include Survival In Auschwitz, The Reawakening, The Periodic Table, If Not Now When, and Moments Of Reprieve. He died by suicide in 1987. He left a body of poetry. The distinguished American scholar and poet, M. L. Rosenthal, has translated a number of these poems. Rosenthal’s most recent publication is Running To Paradise: Yeat’s Poetic Art.


MaryAnn Camilleri of Canada has been recently published in New York and Los Angeles. Her photographs have been presented in galleries in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She is currently the photo director of Venue magazine, Toronto.

MELISSA HARDY – Dancing Sally

Melissa Hardy of Canada is the author of the novel A Cry For Bees. Her story, Dancing Sally, is from Dream Catcher, the second of a series of stories entitled Native Speakers Focussing on the Eastern band of the Cherokees – the first volume, Constant Fire, will be published this fall. Dream Catcher turns on the ancient Cherokee myth of Uktena, a serpent-monster which bears in its forehead a crystal, ulunsuti or transparent, which can foretell the future among other feats – there are records of transparents in the possession of Cherokees as late as the American Civil War – and is an attempt to depict and vivify the unique and complex historical predicament in which the most “civilized” of Native American peoples (considered so because of the great extent to which they bought into the white man’s system) found themselves between the late 18th century through to the removal to Oklahoma, “The Trail of Tears,” in 1838. A story from Constant Fire – Long Man The River – that first appeared in Exile, will appear this fall in The Journey Prize Anthology.

SEÁN VIRGO – Cross Fox

Seán Virgo of Canada is the author of several works of fiction: Selakhi, a novel, White Lies And Other Fictions Plus Two, Wormwood, and Waking In Eden; and Selected Poems. He is currently completing a new collection of short stories and a novel.

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