Volume 17.4

Winter 1993 – 128 pages

Contributors: P.K. Page; John Harding; Elizabeth Ukrainetz; Nadine Shelly; Ascher/Straus; H.J. Dodic; David Wevill; Roger Burford Mason; Jacques Brault; Morley Callaghan

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P.K. PAGE – Three Poems

P.K. Page of Canada is one of the country’s most distinguished poets. She has published As Ten As Twenty, The Metal And The Flower, Cry Ararat!, and Goat That Flew. These poems, written in an early Spanish form, the flosa, are part of a series published in 1994 by BRICK Books.

JOHN HARDING – Asparagus

John Harding of Canada was a teacher and traveler who published both fiction and poetry in the 1970s. For the last fifteen years of his life he worked in total privacy. He died in 1993 and eight of his stories, under the title, Harmless Victories, have been published.

GARY MICHAEL DAULT – Seven Poems and Four Drawings

Gary Michael Dault of Canada is a co-host of CBC Newsworld’s On The Arts and a film critic for Eye Weekly. Inside the Vatican, a script written by Dault, was a six hour TV mini-series for Peter Ustinov.


NADINE SHELLY – Ode To Morpheus

Nadine Shelly of Canada published her first poems with Exile and her first book, Barebacked With Rain, when she was sixteen. She received the Toronto Arts Award Protégé prize. Her second book is Darktime Crossing.


N. J. DODIC – Two Stories

N. J. Dodic of Canada published his first story in Exile. He has also written a collection called, All The Way To Aceldama.

DAVID WEVILL – Twelve Poems

Davod Wevill of Canada has published Birth Of A Shark, A Christ Of The Ice-floes, Firebreak, Where The Arrow Falls, Casual Ties, Other Names For The Heart: Selected Poems (1985: Exile Editions), and Figure of Eight (1987: Exile Editions).

ROGER BURFORD MASON – The Rat-Catcher’s Kiss

Roger Burford Mason of Canada is the Canadian correspondent for the English literary periodical, P.N. Review. The Beaver Picture is his first collection of stories.

JACQUES BRAULT – On The Road No More

Jacques Brault of Canada is one of the most important poets from Québec. He is also a novelist, dramatist, and essayist. He has received the major awards that Canada and Québec have to give for poetry and letters. His Fragile Moments and On The Road No More have been published by Exile Editions.


Morley Callaghan of Canada, novelist and short story teller, died in 1990 leaving a large lifetime of work. At the time of his death he was working on a novel, In The Park. It was complete in a first draft; all but the last chapter had been taken to a second draft; the first three chapters had been taken to a third and fourth draft. As well, he left behind a completely edited version of his 1961 novel, A Passion In Rome, and some twenty short stories never before collected between boards, his Collected Stories (more than 100) has been published. Most surprising was the discovery in his papers of a 600 page completed novel (circa 1942-1944), The Imposters, never mentioned before, by him or anyone else.

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