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Volume 4 Winter 1992 – 518 pages (10″ x 7.25″)

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15 Years in Exile, Volume 16, Number 1 (Exile Editions Volume 1)

SEAMUS HEANEY – Funeral Rites
Seamus Heaney of Ireland has published, among many books,Death of a Naturalist, Door into the Dark, Wintering out, North, Field Work, Station Island, Sweeney Astray, The Haw Lantern and Seeing Things. The sequence Turas appeared in Exile in 1973 and is not collected elsewhere.

MERCE RODOREDA – The Salamander
Merce Rodoreda of Spain is the finest of the contemporary Catalan novelists. Her best know book, La Placa del Diamon, has been translated into more than a half-dozen languages, and it appeared in English as The Pigeon Girl. David H. Rosenthal, himself a poet, translated a collection of her work: My Christina and Other Stories. He is also the author of Hard Bop: Jazz and Black Music 1955 -1965.

LEONARD COHEN – Death of a Lady’s Man
Leonard Cohen of Canada is a novelist, poet and songwriter who has published Let Us Compare Mythologies, The Spice Box Of The Earth, The Energy of Slaves, Book of Mercy, and Death of a Lady’s Man. A very substantial section of Death of a Lady’s Man First appeared in Exile.

MAVIS GALLANT – Mau to Lew: The Maurice Ravel Lewis Carroll Friendship

Mavis Gallant of Canada, who has lived in Paris since the early 1950’s, has written, among others: My Heart Is Broken, The Pegnitz Junction, From The Fifteenth District, Home Truths, Overhead in a Ballon: Stories of Paris, Paris Notebooks: Essays and Reviews, and In Transit, Mau To Lew:. The Maurice Ravel Lewis Carroll Friendship appeared in Exile in 1980 and is not collected elsewhere.


Ludwig Zellor of Canada has published more than a dozen books: Mirage’s, Dream Woman, Alphacollage, In The Country Of Antipodes, 50 Collages, The Marble Head and Other Poems, The Ghost’s Tattoos, and To Saw the Beloved to Pieces Only When Necessary, published by Exile Editions.


Victor-Levy Beaulieu of Canada, one of the most prolific prose writers in Quebec, is the author of several novels published by Exile Editions: Jos Connaissant, A Quebecois Dream, Satan Belhumeur, and Steven Le Herault.

DIANE KEATING – The Dead Sky Letters
Diane Keating of Canada has published three books of poetry, In Dark Places, No Birds or Flowers, and The Optic Heart, and a novel, The Crying Out.

ITALO CALVINO – If on a Winter’s Night A Traveler
Italo Calvino of Italy was the author of many prose works: The Watcher, Invisible Cities, to zero, The Castle of Crossed Destinies, If on aWinter’s Night a Traveler, The Path to The Nest of Spiders.

MICHEL DEGUY – Three Poems
Michel Deguy of France, central to that country’s contemporary poetry, has published some twenty books, among them: Fragment du cadastre, Biefs, Oui dire, Actes, Poemes 1960 -1970, Relieffs and Jumelages suivi de Made in USA. He is also

the editor of the journal, Po&sie.

ROBERT MARKLE – Blazing Figures
Robert Markle of Canada was a distinguished painter, sculptor, and maker of Idiosyncratic whirley gigs. He was also a man of letters and journalist. He died in 1990.

Timothy Findley of Canada, one of the country’s finest novelists, has published with Exile from the Beginning. His novels include: The Last of the Crazy People, The Wars, Famous Last Words, Dinner Along the Amazon, Not Wanted on the Voyage, and Stones. His most recent book is Inside Memory.

JOHN MONTAGUE – The Cave of Night
John Montague of Ireland, one of two contributing editors to Exile, has published much of his verse in the quarterly. Books by John Montague that have been published by Exile Editions are: The Dead Kingdom, Selected Poems, Mount Eagle, and The Love Poems: John Montague.

Marie-Claire Blais of Canada has appeared often in Exile, starting with Volume 1 Number 1. Her novels include: Mad Shadows, a Season in the Life of Emmanuel, The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange, St Lawrence Blues, Deaf to the City, Anna and Nights in the Underground.

DAVID ANNESLEY – Francois Mauriac
David Annesley of Canada, was born in Ireland and came to Toronto in 1963. He began drawing for the book pages of the now defunct Toronto Telegram in 1968. His work then appeared in The New York Times and The Atlantic Monthly. He died young by drowning in 1977. Exile Editions published The Annesley Drawings in 1980.

Rene Lagorre of France, a painter, has exhibited in Paris and Washington.

S.W. HAYTER – Action In New Fields
S.W. Hayter of England settled in Paris in 1926 and opened a studio at rue Campagne-Premiere 17 a year later. After 1933, his studio was known as Atelier 17, where he developed revolutionary graphic techniques. In 1940 he went to the United States and opened Atelier 17 in New York, but in 1950 he returned to Paris. His students came from all over the world to Atelier 17, presently on rue Didot. He was featured in Exile Vol.8, Number 3 & 4, and he was always an advocate for Exile in Europe. He died in 1988.

John Meredith of Canada is a painter whose work is in many private collections and in such museums as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, The Vancouver Art Gallery, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the National Gallery of Canada.

Barry Callaghan of Canada, poet, prose writer, translator, is the author of: The Hogg Poems and Drawings, The Black Queen Stories, As Close as We Came, Stone Blind Love, and The Way the Angel Spreads Her Wings.

DAVID ANNESLEY – Joyce Carol Oates

JOHN MEREDITH – “Untitled”


BARRY CALLAGHAN – The Hogg poems: Judas Priest


Yannis Ritsos of Greece was the most prolific of modern Greek poets. He wrote over twenty-five books of poetry. He was translated widely on the continent and Louis Aragon called him the greatest European poet of his time. Our translators were Nikos Tsingos and Gwendolyn MacEwen of Canada. Mr. Tsingos, born in Greece, is a musician and singer. His then wife, the poet Gwendolyn MacEwen, worked with him on two of Ritsos” major long poems, Helen and Orestes, published in Trojan Women by Exile Editions.

PIERRE JEAN JOUVE – The Queen Of Sheba

Pierre Jean Jouve of France, who died in 1976, was the doyen of French poetry. His Collected Poems appeared in four volumes from Mercure de France. He was the author of a famous novel, Paulina 1880, and he was awarded the Grand Prix des Lettres.


Michel Lambeth of Canada, among the country’s fine photographers, exhibited throughout the world until he died in 1978. Nuescapes was published during his lifetime as a limited edition.


Robert Zend of Canada was among the most singular and experimental writers in the country. His works include Zero to One, My Friend Jeronimo, Arbormundi, and Beyond Labels. OAB, in two volumes, published by Exile Editions, appeared in 1985, the year he died.

Jean Benoit of Canada has been a resident of Paris since 1947. His works have seldom been shown publicly, but The Necrophiliac appeared at the International Surrealist Exhibition in 1965, and so too The Bulldog in 1968. The Object to Contain a Mummified Head was exhibited in France in the summer of 1992.

DEREK MAHON – Light Music

Derek Mahon of Ireland has published mny volumes of poems including Night-Crossing, Beyond Howth Head, Lives, Poems 1962-1978, The Snow Party, Courtyards in Delft, The Hunt by Night, Antarctica, The Bacchae, and Selected poems.

Margaret Atwood of Canada has published poetry regularly in Exile, staring with Volume 1, Number 1. As a poet, she is well known for: The Circle Game, The Animals In that Country, Procedures for Underground, The Journals of Sussanna Moodie, Power Politics, You Are Happy, Two-Headed Poems, True Stories and Interlunar, and Selected Poems.


Jacques Ferron of Canada was a story-teller who provided the most inclusive, complete account of his uncertain country, Quebec. It was an account, rendered in dozens of tales, that was mischievous and mythic, appropriate to the man who was both a medical doctor and founder of the Rhinoceros political party. His novels published by Exile Editions are: The Cart, Papa Boss and Quince Jam, and his masterpiece, The Penniless Redeemer.

SUSAN MUSGRAVE – Coming of Age

Susan Musgrave of Canada is a novelist and poet, and among her books of verse are: Songs of the Sea -Witch, Grave-Dirt and Selected Strawberries, The Impstone, A Man to Marry A Man to Bury, Tarts and Muggers, Cocktails at the Mausoleum, and with Exile Editions, her most recent selected, The Embalmer’s Art.

TIBOR DERY – The Circus
Tibor Dery of Hungary, who died in 1977, was one of Hungary’s greatest writers. After surrealist and dadaist beginnings, he wrote post-war works of such searing reality that he was imprisoned from 1957 to 1960. His novels include: The Answer, Mr. G.A. in X, The Excommunicator, Imaginary Report about an American Rock Festival, and Cher Beau Pere.


Guillevic of France was born at Carnac, the place of sacred stones, in 1907. His christian name is Eugene but he signs his poems Guillevic. He is one of the most highly regarded of living French Poets. Among his books are: Terraque, Executoire, Gagner, Sonnets, Sphere, Carnac, and a fine bilingual edition translated by Denise Levertov, Selected Poems.

RUTH ANDRISSHAK – The Night The Rabbit Chewed My Hair Off

Ruth Andrisshak of Canada published her first, and as far as we know only Story in Exile in 1979. The Night the Rabbit Chewed My Hair Off also was given the CBC fiction award that year.

LOUIS de NIVERVILLE – Family Album

Louis de Niverville of Canada, whose paintings are in major collections in the United States and Canada, has had a distinguished career as a painter. Family Album is a work of some sixty objects.

ROCH CARRIERR – Hunting Les Anglais

Roch Carrier of Canada is one of the most prolific and popular writers from Quebec. Among his many novels are La Guerre – Yes Sir!, Floralie- Where Are You?, And Is It The Sun Philbert, The Garden of Delights, Heartbreaks Along the Road, Progress of a Very Wise Child, and Canada Je t”aime.


Breyten Breytenbach of South Africa published his first volume of poetry in 1964. Through six subsequent volumes of verse, as well as a collection of short stories and a short expirmental novel, he won wide acclaim as the most important living poet of the Afrikaans language. The polarities of his work (Africa and Europe, White and Black, tenderness and violence…) were enhanced by living in exile in Paris after 1960. This condition was forced on him through his marriage to a Vietnamese woman who was branded as “Colored” and hence not socially acceptable in terms of South Africa’s rigid racialistic legislation. His unrelenting crusade for human dignity and against apartheid won him wide international recognition but inevitably increased his private agonies. And in 1975, determined to express his convictions in other than aesthetic terms (he is also highly regarded as a painter) he returned to South Africa in disguise where he was arrested and tried on several counts under the so-called ’terrorism Act”. In November 1975 he was sentenced to 9 years” imprisonment and all efforts to appeal against the sentence (whose harshness shocked even his prosecutor) were quashed by the courts. After serving much of his sentence he was released and now lives in Paris again. Our translator is Andre Brink, man of letters, and one that country’s most important novelists.

ATHOL FRUGARD – A Lesson from Aloes
Athol Frugard of South Africa is a dramatist whose works include: Hello and Goodbye, Boesman and Lena, People Are Living There, and The Bloodknot. A Lesson from Aloes had its world premier outside South Africa in Montreal, performed by the Centaur Theatre Company in 1980, directed by Athol Frugard. Recently, he received The Obie Award for Drama in New York.

DAVID GOLBLATT – Soweto & Hillbrow

David Goldblatt of South Africa is that country’s most important photographer. Among collections of his work are: Some Afrikanners Photographed, and On the Mines. His photographs have been published all around the world and are in many collections, including the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In 1976, introducing these photographs, he wrote: “I have little faith in the strength of these photographs to stand unaided in Winnipeg, Ottawa or Saskatoon, or for that matter in London, Wollongong or Berlin. Not that I think them to be without merit, But because, I wonder, how can anyone not steeped in the life, ways, obsessions, graces, laws and particulars of this place and people, discern what is embedded of us in these pale rubbings?

It would be beyond me to convey in any number of words, yet I wish that I could so concentrate these few that you would have the same intimate grasp of these as any ychild or adult from Naledi or Dube, Yeoville or Pageview.

Most of the photographs were made in 1972 and 1973 in two parts of Johannesburg.

1. Soweto, the dormitory townships of the Africans who work in Johannesburg

2. Hillbrow and other Northern Suburbs of White Johannesburg.”

JERZY KOSINSKI – The Art of The Self

Jerzy Kosinski of the United States was born in Poland but resided in the U.S. from 1957 until he died by suicide in 1991. Among his novels are The Painted Bird, Steps, Being There, The Devil Tree, Cockpit, and Pinball. One of the strongest supporters of Exile in its beginnings, his essay, The Art of the Self, appeared complete in Volume I, Number 1, in 1972.

R. Murray Schafer of Canada is a prolific contemporary composer, perhaps the most accomplished expirimental composer in the country. he is also an author, His books include The Book Of Noise, The Music of the Environment, The Tuning of the World, and Ariadne, published by Exile in 1977.

MORLEY CALLAGHAN – The Meterman, Caliban, and Then Mr. Jones

Morley Callaghan of Canada wrote over twenty books: Strange Fugitive, It’s Never Over, A Broken Journey, Such Is My Beloved, More Joy In Heaven, The Loved and the Lost, The Many Colored Coat, A Passion in Rome, A Time for Judas, A Fine and Private Place, and A Wild Man on the Road, and others. He died in 1990.


Ascher/Straus of the United States have published several works of fiction, including: The Other Planet, The Menaced Assassin, Letter to an Unknown Woman, and Red

ROBERT MARTEAU – Treatise on Tincture and White

Robert Marteau of France is a unique voice among French poets. His books translated and published by Exile Editions are: Atlante, Treatise on Tinture and White, Interlude, Pentecost, Pig Skinning, Mount Royal, River Without End, and Venice at Her Mirror.

GWENDOLYN MACEWEN – The Lawrence Poems

Gwendolyn MacEwen of Canada died in the fall of 1987. Her works included: Selah, The Drunken Clock, The Rising Fire, A Breakfast for Animals, The Fire-eaters, The T.E. Lawrence Poems, Earthlight, Noman’s Land and Afterworlds, which won the Governor-General’s Award for poetry in 1987. Exile Editions published her play and translation, Trojan Women.

YEHUDA AMICHAI – Seven Laments for the Fallen In the War

Yehuda Amichai of Israel has been a contributing editor to Exile since 1972, wherein he has since published several sequences of poems and a play. His books include: Poems, Songs of Jerusalem and Myself, Amen, Time, Love Poems, Great Tranquillity: Questions and Answers, and Selected Poetry. Travels was published by Exile Editions.

MICHEL BEAULIEU – Spells of Fury

Michel Beaulieu of Canada was the most productive and the most genuinely experimental of Quebec’s younger poets until his sudden death in 1985. Exile Editions has published Spells of Fury, Kaleidoscope and Countenances.

JUDITH THOMPSON – White Biting Dog

Judith Thompson of Canada is in the forefront of the country’s dramatists. Her works include White Biting Dog, Tornado, Pink, The Crack Walker, and I am Yours, published complete in Exile. Her collection, The Other Side of the Dark, was given the Governor General’s Award, as well as White Biting Dog.

DENNIS BURTON – Notepages and Paintings

Dennis Burton of Canada has paintings and drawings in many important collections including those of the National Gallery, Ottawa, The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Over the last fifteen years, there have been several retrospective showings of his work. Currently, he lives on the west coast.


Andre Frenaud of France, one of the dominant voices in that country, has published Poemes de Brandebourg, Iln”y a pas de paradis, L”Etape dans la clairiere, Depuis toujours deja, La sorciere de Rome, and others. John Montague has translated a selection of verse, Novembre.



“Joy Kogawa of Canada is a poet who has published The Splintered Moon, A Choice of Dreams, Jericho Road, and as a novelist. Her prose works are: Obasan and Itsuka.



YEHIA HAKKI – The Empty Bed

Yehia Hakki of Egypt was , after the fifties, among the most important writers in the Arab world. He published his first story in 1925, the same year that he graduated in law. After that he played a prominent role in cultural affairs in Cairo, publishing several collections of his stories and editing an important literary/political journal.


Claude Gaureau of Canada for twenty-five years, until his death in 1971 by suicide, wrote poems, plays, short stories, essays, prefaces, public letters and manifestoes. But he published very little: only two small books of poems, so that when he died he was almost entirely unknown, His friends and admirers were those painters who banded together around the now famous Borduas and Riopelle in the late forties and throughout the fifties. They were called the Automatistes. Their roots were in Andre Breton and Surrealism, and indirectly, they were related to the Abstract Expressionists of New York. Borduas, Riopelle, Gauvreau, and the others were all powerful personalities, but he was the lone writer, and his was a key role. Their collective effort was not only aesthetic, but socio-philosophical, and he was the needed Porte-Parole out on the firing line. He collaborated in 1947 in the writing of the first Quebec revolutionary manifesto, Refus Global, and he appeared at the subsequent political events of consequence, taking on all comers, defending always that freedom of speech and print so rare in Quebec until very recently. It is fair to say that all his life he lived; poor and alone except for a few friends and admirers. His complete works have since been published in Quebec. Recently, Exile Editions published his collected plays, Entrails.

GERALD GODIN – Kebekanto of Love

Gerald Godin of Canada is the author of several books of poetry, including Poemes et Cantos. He was a cabinet minister in the Parti Quebecois, a party whose political aim is to seperate fro Canada in some form or other.

TOMI UNGERER – Seven Drawings

Tomi Ungerer, born in Strassburg, is now resident in Ireland. His books, satirical, and for children, have been published in numerous countries. He has won countless awards and prizes, including The Society of Illustrators gold medal, and The Art Directors Club Award for best Children’s book, and he has had major exhibitions and retrospective of his paintings, constructions, and drawings on the Continent over the past two decades.


Margaret Avison of Canada, twice winner of the Governor General’s award, is central to any consideration of Canadian Poetry. Her books spanning four decades of sustained work, are Winter Sun, The Dumfounding, Sunblue, No Time, and Selected Poems.


Harry Somers of Canada is one of the country’s outstanding composers. He is versatile, having written orchestral and chamber music, pieces for chorus and solo voice, four ballets (including The House Of Artreus)” three operas (including Louis Riel), and much incidental music. His commissions have come from such diverse institutions as the Koussevitzky Foundation, Pan-American Union, the National Ballet of Canada, The American Wind Symphony, and the Swingle Singers. His Most recent work is Mario the Magician, an opera. Kyrie, first performed in Rome, was published in its entirety in Exile in 1973.

IRVING LAYTON – Catacombe Dei Cappucini
Irving Layton of Canada has over forty published books. He is one of the most passionate, grave, and technically accomplished poets of his time. Selected Poems 1945-89: A Wild Peculiar Joy contains all his most important poems.

PAUL CELAN – Three Poems

Paul Celan of Germany, one of the most important poets to write in German, was born into a Jewish Family in 1920. His parents were killed in the Holocaust. His sense of loss and suffering could not be healed. He died, a suicide, by drowning in 1970. The sequence of poems published in Exile became part of a splendid bilingual edition, Paul Celan: Poems, translated by Michael Hamburger.

HUGH GRAHAM – Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Hugh Graham of Canada has published fiction and is a dramatist, essayist and broadcaster. Where the Sun Don’t Shine, appearing complete in Exile in 1981, was his first published play.


Joe Rosenblatt of Canada, a singular and adventurous poet, has published, among many collections of poems and drawings, The Bumblebee Dithyramb and Topsoil, and with Exile Editions, he has published The Sleeping Lady, Escape from the Glue Factory, and The Kissing Goldfish of Siam.

MARY MEIGS – Drawings for Three Novels

Mary Meigs of Canada, born in the United States, has lived in Quebec for nearly two decades. She is a distinguished painter, and has published Illustration For Two Books by Marie-Claire Blais, with Exile Editions. She has also published two important books of memoirs: Lily Briscoe: A self Portrait and The Medusa Head.

THOMAS KINSELLA – A Technical Supplement

Thomas Kinsella of Ireland is among that country’s most important poets. His books include: Another September, Downstream, Nightwalker and Other Poems, Notes from The Land of the Dead, Poems : 1956-1973 and Peppercanister Poems: 1972-1978. He has also translated The Tain.


Alexandre Amprimoz of Canada is a poet, translator, linguist and story teller, and the author of over twenty books. His collection of stories, Too Many Popes, appeared in 1990 with Exile Editions.


Claire Weissman Wilks of Canada has had exhibitions of her work in Rome, Venice, Zagreb, Jerusalem, and Stockholm. Her books include In the White Hotel, I know Not Why The Roses Bloom, Hillmother, Tremors, and Two of Us Together: Each of Alone.

MIODRAG PAVLOVIC – Singing at the Whirlpool
Miodrag Pavlovic of Serbia is a poet, translator, essayist, and short story writer. Among his works are: 87 Persaura, Oktave and Svetli i Tamni Prazinici. Singing at the Whirlpool was published in 1983, and A Voice Locked in Stone followed in 1987.


Mario Mascarelli of Serbia is an artist who is well-known in the republics that once were Yugoslavia.

JENNIFER RANKIN – From the Mud Hut

Jennifer Rankin of Australia was a poet, and the author of one play. Introducing From the Mud Hut in Exile in 1979, Margaret Atwood wrote:

“I first meet Jennifer Rankin in England, as she was on her way to Australia and I to Venice. Later I stayed with her in Sydney after my visit to the Adelaide Poetry Festival in February 1978. At this time she was feeling very high. Her first major book of poetry had been accepted for publication in England by Secker & Warburg, and she was looking forward to this as an extension beyond Australia, where she was already well-known both as a poet and as a playwright, author of the controversial play, Bees. Three weeks after I left for Canada, she discovered that she had cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, with no positive results. Finally she turned to meditation, and began to improve almost immediately. She is currently practicing meditation under the supervision of a medical doctor who speculates that mediation improves the body’s natural immunity system and allows it to combat cancer.

This would be unnecessary information if the poems in From the Mud Hut had been composed under ordinary circumstances. In fact, they were all written in the three weeks between the time I left Australia and the time Jennifer Rankin made the discovery that she had Cancer. A number of them accurately predict the process she was later to go through, including her terrifying episodes in the hospital and her subsequent recovery. From the Mud Hut is thus one of the most startling examples I”ve yet come across of what Graves refers to as ’the proleptic imagination”.

From the Mud Hut was published by Exile. Not long after, Jennifer Rankin Died.

REJEAN DUCHARME – The Zone Of Hardy Deciduous Forests

Rejean Ducharme of Canada, the invisible man of letters of Quebec – he is seldom seen, never photographed – is the author of several works: The Swallower Swallowed, Le Nez qui Voque, L” Oceantune, L”Hiver de Force, Enfantomes, and a play, Ha-Ha!, which won the Governor General’s Award and was published by Exile Editions.

CAIRE WEISSMAN WILKS – Two of Us Together, Each of Us Alone

MARGARET ATWOOD – Five Poems for Dolls

Joyce Carol Oates of the United States is prolific. Among her many works are On Boxing, You Must Remember This, The Assignation, Because It Is Better and Because It Is My Heart, I Lock My Door Upon Myself, and Oates In Exile. Her work appeared in 1973 in Volume 1, and since she has published eighteen stories and a play in Exile.


SEÁN VIRGO – Les Rites

Sean Virgo of Canada is a poet, novelist, and story teller. Les Rites, which won the CBC prize for fiction in 1979, was among his earliest stories. Exile Editions has since published Selected Poems, his novel Selakhi, White Lies and Other Fictions Plus Two, Wormwood, and Waking In Eden.

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