Volume 1.4

Spring 1974 – 158 pages

Contributors: Joe Rosenblatt; Francoise Xenakis; Joyce Carol Oates; Michel Lambeth; Philippe Thoby-Marcelin; Marie-Clair Blais; Mary Meigs

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JOE ROSENBLATT – Five Poems and Five Drawings

Joe Rosenblatt of Canada is the author of several collections of poems which include: The LSD Leacock, Winter of the Luna Moth, The Voyage of the Mood, Bumblebee Dithyramb, and Greenbaum (a book of drawings). His drawings are in many private and public collections and are presented here through the cooperation of the Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto; and specifically, through the courtesy of the following fro: — Cat House: collection of the Art Gallery of Ontario; Pleasures: collection of Mr. William D. Wilson; The Pets: collection of Mr. John Newlove; O, Spots: the Gadatsy Gallery; The Birds: the Gadatsy Gallery.

FRANÇOISE XENAKIS – She’d Tell Him on the Island

Françoise Xenakis of France is a novelist and playwright who has published Petit Caillou, Des Dimanches et Des Dimanches, Aux Lèvres Pour Que J’aie Moins Soif, and Ecoute. She’d Tell Him On The Island won the Priz Italia in 1971, and a performance of the present translation of the play will be given shortly on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

JOYCE CAROL OATES – The Birth of Tragedy

Joyce Carol Oates of the United States, now a resident of Canada, is the author of many novels, collections of stories, essays and poems. Among them are: Garden Of Earthly Delights, Expensive People, Wheel of Love and Other Stories, The Edge of Impossibility: Tragic Forms in Literature, them (which won the National Book Award for 1969), Do With Me What You Will, and Marriages and Infidelities.

MICHEL LAMBETH – The Pause in the Clock

Michael Lambeth of Canada is outstanding among the country’s photographers. He has had a number of one-man exhibitions and has exhibited throughout the world. In 1972, he was the only Canadian represented at the Avignon Arts Festival, France, and in 1973 his work was included in the international Critics Choice in New York.


Philippe Thoby-Marcelin of Haiti, now a resident of the United States, has collaborated with his brother, Pierre, on several novels, Canapé Vert, La Bête De Musseau, Le Crayon De Dieu, Tous Les Hommes sont fous (which has been translated and published with an introduction by Edmund Wilson as All Men Are Mad). The works presented here are from the author’s unpublished manuscript of poems from the past four decades.

MARIE CLAIRE BLAIS – St. Lawrence Blues

Marie-Claire Blais of Canada is the author of poems, works for the theatre, and several novels including, David Sterne, The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange, A Season In The Life Of Emmanuel (which in 1966 won the Prix Médicis in France) Le Loup and Un Joualonais, Sa Joualonie. The latter, translated under the title, St. Lawrence Blues, was published in the United States.

MARY MEIGS – Four Drawings

Mary Meigs of the United States is a painter now living in Brittany. She has done illustrations for two other books my Marie-Claire Blais: Une Saison Dans La Vie d’Emmanuel and Les Manuscrits de Pauline Archange. The illustrations in this issue are the first four of a series for Un Joualonais, Sa Joualonie (St. Lawrence Blues). She has had one-man shows in Boston, New York and Paris and is in the permanent collection of the Slater Museum.

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