Volume 13.2

Winter 1988 – 128 pages

Contributors: Mihály Kornis; Jean Joubert; Leon Rooke; John Montague; M.A.C. Farrant; Alexandre Amprimoz; Roland Gigère; Ivan Mándy; Hillary Davies; Rita Tournborg; Tim Lilburn; Joe Rosenblatt

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Mihály Kornis of Hungary, is the author of several volumes of prose and plays. He won the Hungarian Theatre Critics Prize, 1988.


Jean Joubert of France is the author of more than fifteen collections of poems and novels. Les lignes de la main was given the Prix Antonin Artaud; his novel, Homme de fable the Prix Theophraste Renaudot; and Poèmes 1955-75 the Prix Mallarmé.

LEON ROOKE – The Heart Must from Its Breaking

Leon Rooke of Canada is the author of several works, including Sing Me No Love Songs, The Broad Back of the Angel, Fat Woman, Shakespeare’s Dog, A Bolt of White Cloth and The Birth Control King of Upper Volta

JOHN MONTAGUE – The Hill Of Silence

John Montague of Ireland has published, among his many books: The Rough Field, Selected Poems (Exile Editions), The Dead Kingdom (Exile Editions), and the novella, The Lost Notebook.

M.A.C. FARRANT – Philosopher’s Mix

M.A.C. Farrant of Canada has published poems and stories in several small magazines.


Alexandre Amprimoz of Canada writes in both English and French. His is the author of several books of poetry and prose, including Bouquet de Signes and Hard Confessions, a collection of stories.

ROLAND GIGUÈRE – Redson’s Easel

Roland Giguère of Canada is one of the most important poets from Québec. Collections central to his work are: L’Age de la parole, Forêt vierge folle, English, Rose & Thorn, and Miror & Lettres à l’évadé

IVÁN MÁNDY – Night of The Sweat Soaked Shirt

Iván Mándy of Hungary is one of the most original of that country’s writers. Among his stories and novels are: On the Touch Lines, Girl From The Swimming Pool, What About Vera?, What’s The Matter Old Man?, The Movies of Olden Times, and Furniture


Hilary Davies of England, a poet, is a translator and editor of the literary journal, Argo.


Rita Tornborg of Sweden is a prose writer whose works include: Panke’s Guerilla, Dr. Ake Ternvall Has A Vision, Hansson And Goldman, Friedman’s House, The Amber Door, Requiem For A Little Girl, and The Sisters.

TIM LILBURN – Five Poems

Tim Lilburn of Canada has published many books of poems: The Names of God, From The Great Above She Opened Her Ear To The Great Below and Tourist to Ecstasy.

JOE ROSENBLATT – The Kissing Goldfish of Siam

Joe Rosenblatt of Canada has published many volumes of poetry: The LSD Leacock, The Bumblebee Dithyramb, Dream Craters, Topsoil, The Sleeping Lady (Exile Editions), Brides Of The Stream, Poetry Hotel, Escape From The Glue Factory (Exile Editions) and The Kissing Goldfish of Siam.

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