Volume 1.3

Summer 1973 – 221 pages

Contributors: Roch Carrier; John Montague; Garry Engkent; Jacques Ferron; Unsigned; Robert Zend; Marcel Marceau; Morley Callaghan; Harry Sommers

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ROCH CARRIER – Hunting Les Anglais

Roch Carrier of Canada is the author of a collection of stories, Jolis Deuils, and of a trilogy, La Guerre, Yes Sir!, Floralie, Où Es-Tu? and Il Est Par Là, Le Soleil. These novels have been translated into English, and La Guerre, Yes Sir! was adapted for the theatre and performed recently at Stratford, Ontario. He is now completing another novel, to be published this fall in Quebec.

JOHN MONTAGUE – The Cave Of Night

John Montague of Ireland is one of that country’s outstanding poets. His last two collections, A Chosen Light and Tides, were published by the Swallow Press in the United States. The Rough Field, a cycle of poems with an Ulster background, has recently appeared in Ireland and England, published by the Dolmen Press of Dublin.

GARRY ENGKENT – The Junkman Cometh

Gerry Engkent of Canada is a young writer whose first published story appeared in Exile, Number 1.


Jacques Ferron of Canada is one of the most important and prolific writers of contemporary Quebec. A partial listing of his better-known works would have to include his collections of stories, Contes du Pays Incertain and Conte Anglais et Autres; the plays Les Grands Soleils and Le Cheval de Don Juan; and the novels Côtnoir, Le Ciel du Québec and La Nuit. In addition, he has written numerous political and historical essays for left-wing reviews in Quebec. He was instrumental in the founding of the Rhinoceros party in 1963, and is recognized as a major voice of Quebec nationalism. A medical doctor, he serves as a general practitioner in Longeuil, near Montreal.

UNSIGNED – The John Meredith Poems Untitled

John Meredith of Canada is a painter whose work is in many private collections and in such museums as the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery in Regina, the Vancouver Art Gallery, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the National Gallery of Canada. Mr. Meredith’s paintings have been presented through the cooperation of: The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto. Photograph by Lyle Wachovsky.

ROBERT ZEND – A Bouquet to Bip

Robert Zend of Canada writes in both English and Hungarian. He has had poems published in several anthologies and periodicals. His long poem, OAB, appeared in Exile, Number 1.

MARCEL MARCEAU – This Drawing, Poem, And Zend During And After

Marcel Marceau of France is the world’s greatest pantomimist. In his Bouquet to Bip, Mr. Zend referred to the following:

YOUTH, MATURITY, OLD AGE AND DEATH. In a couple of minutes Marceau walks through life from birth to death.

REMEMBRANCES. An old man becomes young again as he relives the past.

THE SCULPTOR. A sculptor shapes a huge block of clay by eliminating the superfluous parts of it until it becomes nothing.

THE CREATION OF THE WORLD. The first six days of Genesis.

THE HANDS. The struggle between good and evil personified by the two hands.

THE MASKMAKER. The maskmaker enjoys himself by trying on his various masks, but the clown’s mask sticks on his face and it is laughing while he is crying for not being able to get it off.

THE PUBLIC GARDEN. One day in a public garden, all the different characters appearing, all of them personified by one man, Marceau.

BIP ILLUSIONIST. Bip appearing and disappearing unpredictably between two black blocks.

THE DREAM. The dreamer lives through various phases — horror and happiness, depression and freedom — of dreams.

MORLEY CALLAGHAN – The Meterman, Caliban, and then Mr. Jones

Morley Callaghan of Canada was the author of several collections of short stories, a reminiscence, That Summer in Paris, and ten novels, including The Loved and the Lost, The Many Colored Coat and A Passion in Rome. His work has been translated into every major language. The story at hand, The Meterman, Caliban, and then Mr. Jones, was begun as a theatrical piece, commissioned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Morley Callaghan died in Toronto in 1990.

Ezra Pound died in Venice in November of 1972. The lines about Pound are quoted from John Berryman.


Harry Somers of Canada is outstanding among the country’s composers. He is extraordinarily versatile, having written orchestral and chamber music, pieces for chorus and solo voice, four ballets (including The House of Atreus), two operas (including Louis Riel), and much incidental music. His commissions have come from such diverse institutions as the Koussevitzky Foundation, Pan-American Union, the National Ballet of Canada, the American Wind Symphony, and the Swingle Singers. He was also commissioned to compose a solo violin piece for Yehudi Menuhin. The Kyrie, one of his most experimental works, was composed during a stay in Rome, and was performed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

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