Volume 12.2

Winter 1987 – 128 pages

Contributors: Yehuda Amichai; Gérard Bessette; Jeffrey Donaldson; Joyce Carol Oates; Igor Podolchak; Zulfikar Ghose; Imants Ziedonis; Richard Outram; Steven Hummell

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YEHUDA AMICHAI – To Love In Jerusalelm

Yehudi Amichai of Israel is a poet, novelist, short story writer and dramatist. Exile Editions has published his books Selected Poems and Travels.


Gérard Bessette of Canada is the author of several works, including Not For Every Eye, Incubation and The Cycle.


Jeffrey Donaldson of Canada is a poet whose work has appeared in Grand Street, Shenandoah and other magazines.

JOYCE CAROL OATES – Two Miniature Narratives

Joyce Carol Oates of the United States has published short stories, poetry, essays, and many, many works, two of which are: On Boxing and You Must Remember This.

IGOR PODOLCHAK – Ten Engravings

Igor Podelchak of the Soviet Union lives and works in the Ukraine. His work has not appeared in the West before. He is now represented in North America by the Del Bello gallery, Toronto.

ZULFIKAR GHOSE – The Sealed Light of Being

Zulfikar Ghose of Pakistan was raised in India and educated in England. Among his published works are several volumes of poems, including: A Memory of Asia, The Violent West and Jets From Orange. He is co-author, with B.S. Johnson, of a collection of short-stories, and author of the trilogy of novels, The Incredible Brazilian.

IMANTS ZIEDONIS – Flowers of Ice

Imants Ziedonis of the Soviet Union lives and works in Latvia. A prolific poet and prose writer, he has been translated into many languages. His first book in English, Flowers of Ice, was published by Exile Editions.


Richard Outram of Canada has published several volumes, including Selected Poems: 1960-1980, and Man In Love.

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