Volume 1.2

Winter 1972 -135 pages

Contributors: Yehia Hakki; Robert Marteau; Joe Rosenblatt; Claude Gauvreau; William Kurelek; Rochelle Owens; Jerzy Kosinski; Margaret Avison; Barry Callaghan; Edmund Wilson

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YEHIA HAKKI – An Empty Bed

Yehia Hakki of Egypt is outstanding among writers in the Arab world. He published his first story in 1925, the same year that he graduated in law. Since then, he has played a prominent role in cultural affairs in Cairo, publishing collections of his stories and editing an important journal.


Robert Marteau of France is among the important young poets of that country. He has published a number of volumes, including Royaumes, Travaux sur la Terre, and Sibylles.


Joe Rosenblatt of Canada is the author of The LSD Leacock, Winter of The Luna Moth, The Voyage of the Modd, Bumblebee Dithyramb, and Greenbaum (a collection of drawings).

CLAUDE GAUVREAU – The Good Life; Silex De Capricéphale; Reflections of a Young Dramatist

Claude Gauvreau was born into the closed world that was Quebec. For twenty-five years, until his death in 1971, he wrote poems, plays, short stories, essays, prefaces, public letters and manifestos. But he published very little: only two small books of poems, so that when he died he was almost entirely unknown. His first friends and admirers were those painters who banded together around the now famous Borduas and Riopelle in the late forties and through the Fifties. They were called the Automatistes. Their roots were in Andre Breton and Surrealism, and indirectly, they were related to the Abstract Expressionists of New York. Borduas, Riopelle, Gauvreau, and the others, were all powerful personalities, but he was the lone writer, and his was a key role. Their collective effort was not only aesthetic, but socio-philosophical, and he was the needed Porte-Parole out on the firing line. He collaborated in 1947 in the writing of the first Quebec revolutionary manifesto, Refus Global, and he appeared at the subsequent political events of consequence, taking on all comers, denouncing the reactionary church, the political and poetic hacks, defending always that freedom of speech and print so rare in Quebec until very recently. It is fair to say that all his life he had little regard for his own social or financial position. He died as he lived; poor and alone except for a few friends and admirers.

WILLIAM KURELEK – Another Person with Me

William Kurelek of Canada is a painter whose work is in numerous private collections and museums like the Museum of Modern Art, New York; The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa; London Art Museum, London. Another Person With Me is his autobiography.

Mr. Kurelek’s paintings have been presented through the cooperation of: The Isaacs Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

ROCHELLE OWENS – from The Joe 136 Creation Poems

Rochelle Owens of the United States is among the most innovative playwrights of her generation. Futz was given the New York Obie award in 1968; The Karl Marx Play was published in The Best Short Plays: 1971; she has also published a collection of her plays, Futz And What Came After and four books of poetry.

JERZY KOSINSKI – Notes on The Painted Bird

Jerzy Kosinski of the United States was born in Poland but he has been in the U.S. since 1957. His novels, written in English, are The Painted Bird; Steps; and Being There. He is also the author of two non-fiction works, both on collective behavior, The Future Is Ours, Comrade and No Third Path. These were published under the pen name Joseph Novak. His fourth novel, The Devil Tree, has been published by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich.


Margaret Avison of Canada is the author of two books of poetry: Winter Sun and The Dumbfounding.


EDMUND WILSON – from A Christmas Delirium: A Christmas Stocking

Edmund Wilson of the United States died in June, 1972. since his death, two books have been published: To The Finland Station (re-issued with a new introduction); and A Window On Russia, a collection of essays on Russian writers.

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