Volume 11.1

Summer 1986 – 139 pages

20 page Author’s Index for Volumes 1 – 10

Contributors: Réjean Ducharme; Lars Forssell; Imants Ziedonis; Charles Pachter; Gwendolyn MacEwen; P. Scott Lawrence; David Donnell; Katarina Frostenson; David Day; Barry Callaghan

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Réjean Ducharme of Canada is one of the most influential writers of the current generation. He is the best known unknown author in the country. His published novels include L’Avalés, Le Nez qui Voque, L’Océantume and Enfantômes. Ha! Ha! Was performed successfully in Québec and was given the Governor General’s Award in 1982.


Lars Forssel of Sweden has published thirty-eight books, including novels, dramas, poetry and essays. His poems have been set to music and popular song, and his plays have been performed by the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, and on many other stages in Sweden, Canada and the United States, particularly his play The Sunday Promenade. He has also translated Ezra Pound’s Cantos into Swedish. He is a member of the Swedish Academy, and one of those who selects the Nobel Prize for literature.

IMANTS ZIEDONIS – Meditations on Milk

Imants Ziedonis of Soviet Latvia is the author of several books of poetry, poetry in prose, children’s books and literary travelogues. His work has been translated into fifteen languages. His latest collection of poetry, published in 1984, is Mother.


Charles Pachter of Canada has been an important presence among his country’s painter for two decades. His works are in private, corporate, and national museum collections. He recently had a one-man show at the Gallery Moos in Toronto. The lithographs in this issue were printed by the artist from drawings on stone at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. These images were produced for the limited edition folios “The Circle Game” and “Expeditions” to accompany poems by Margaret Atwood.


Gwendolyn MacEwen of Canada has published several books of poetry, two novels, two collections of short fiction, a travel book, drama for radio and theatre, translations and children’s fiction which include Among her recent books are Earthlight: Selected Poems, and Noman’s Land.

P. SCOTT LAWRENCE – After the Wedding

>P. Scott Lawrence of Canada has published a collection of short stories, Around The Mulberry Tree (Exile Editions, 1984).


David Donnell of Canada has published several books, two of which are prose: Hemingway in Toronto and The Blue Ontario Hemingway Boat Race. His collections of poetry are: The Blue Sky, Dangerous Crossings, Settlements (which won the Governor General’s Award, 1983). A limited edition chapbooks, The Natural History of Water, has also been published.


Katarina Frestenson of Sweden has published four volumes of poetry, the most recent in 1985. From 1983 to 1985 she lived in Paris, where she wrote articles about French literature for Swedish journals and translated works by Marguerite Duras, Bernhard-Marie Koltès, Emmanuel-Bove, and Henri Michaux.

DAVID DAY – Gothic

David Day of Canada has published books of poetry, natural history, mythology and fiction. His books have been translated into several languages. Collection include: The Cowichan, The Scarlet Coat Serial, The Animals Within. In the realm of fantasy/nonfiction: The Burroughs Bestiary and The Tolkien Bestiary; and in natural history, The Doomsday Book of Animals.

BARRY CALLAGHAN – Second Timothy, One: Seven

Barry Callaghan is the author of several books including: The Hogg Poems and Drawings, As Close As We Came and The Black Queen Stories.

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