Volume 1.1

Summer 1972 -142 pages

Contributors: John Montague; Morley Callaghan; Margaret Atwood; Samar Attar; Jerzy Kosinski; Yehuda Amichai; Michel Deguy; Garry Engkent; Robert Zend; N’calina; Drew Farrell; Marie-Clair Blais

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John Montague of Ireland is outstanding among Irish poets. Two of his collections, A Chosen Light and Tides, were published by the Swallow Press in the United States. The Fault is a section of The Rough Field, his epic poem set in Ulster, and printed by the Dolmen Press.

MORLEY CALLAGHAN – In the Dark and the Light of Lisa

Morley Callaghan of Canada is the author of several collections of short stories, a reminiscence, That Summer In Paris, and several novels, which include: The Loved and The Lost, the Many Colored Coat, and A Passion in Rome. His work has been translated into every major language.

MARGARET ATWOOD – Head Against White

Margaret Atwood of Canada is the author of several books of poetry which include: The Circle game; The Animals In that Country; The Journals of Susanna Moodie; Procedures For Underground and Power Politics. Her novels include: The Edible Woman and The Forehead Eye.

SAMAR ATTAR — The Return of the Dead

Samar Attar of Syria has published numerous poems, short stories and essays in Syrian, Lebanese and English periodicals.

JERZY KOSINSKI – The Art of the Self

Jerzy Kosinski of the United States was born in Poland. His works include: The Painted Bird; Steps (which won the 1969 National Book Award); The Future Is Ours, Comrade, No Third Path, and Being There. The Future Is Ours, Comrade and No Third Path were published under the pen name Joseph Novak. His fiction has been translated into every major language.


Yehuda Amichai of Israel is the author of several collections of poetry, short stories, and novels.


Michel Deguy of France is foremost among poets of that country. He has published collections from Gallimard (to whom acknowledgement is made for permission to reproduce his poems) and a number of essays collected in Actes.

GARRY ENGKENT – The World Wasserman Made

Garry Engkent of Canada is a writer and The World Wasserman Made is his first published story.


Robert Zend of Canada was born in Hungary and came to Toronto in 1956. He writes in both Hungarian and English. His poems have been published in several anthologies and periodicals, and his first volume of verse to be published is From Zero To One. The selection we have printed is from the larger book called OAB.

N’CALINA — Two Poems

N’calina of Canada is a poet never previously published.


These are the first published poems of Drew Farrell of Canada, a poet from the prairie province of Alberta.


Marie-Claire Blais of Canada is the author of poems, works for the theatre, and several novels which include: The Manuscripts of Pauline Archange and A Season In The Life of Emmanuel (which in 1966, won the Prix Médicis in France). Her work has been translated into the major languages.

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