Volume 10.3 / 10.4 (Double Issue)

Winter 1985 – 256 pages

Contributors: Margaret Atwood; Alexandre L. Amprimoz; Paul William Roberts; Sorel Etrog; Marshall McLuhan; Imants Ziedonis; David Wevill; Alejandra Pizarnik; Armonia Somers; Nigel Dickson; Seán Virgo; Don McKay; Joe Rosenblatt; Lillian Heker; Michel Beaulieu; Gérard Bessette; Diane Keating; Joyce Carol Oates; Joyce Mansour

status: AVAILABLE; double issue price: $28.00 CAN / $20.00 US; Order # BB103/4

MARGARET ATWOOD – Machine. Gun. Nest

Margaret Atwood of Canada is a well known poet, novelist, essayist and anthologist whose works include The Handmaid’s Tale.


Alexandre L. Amprimoz of Canada writes in both English and French. His stories and critical pieces have appeared in various publications.

PAUL WILLIAM ROBERTS – The Palace of Fears

Paul William Roberts of Canada is a young writer whose work has previously appeared in Exile.


Sorel Etrog of Canada is a sculptor and a painter whose works are represented in the major capitals of the world. He has illustrated books by Ionesco, Beckett and others. His works also include Hinges, a play in three acts, Dream Chamber (Joyce and the Dada Circus), The Kite (A Bodyfestation) and others. His silent film Spiral was shown on CBC in 1975.

MARSHALL MCLUHAN – Notes to Spiral

Marshall McLuhan presented Spiral to his students at his Centre for Culture and Technology in Toronto, and later suggested to Etrog that he order stills from it for the publication of a book.

During 1975 McLuhan worked on a free-form text of quotations selected from James Joyce’s Ulysses and from many other writers, as a response to Etrog’s selected images. The complete Spiral was published in 1986.


mants Ziedonis of Soviet Latvia is the author of numerous books of poetry, poetry in prose, children’s books, and literary travelogues. His work has been translated into fifteen languages. His collection of poetry, titled Mother was published in 1984.

DAVID WEVILL – Three Poems

David Wevill of Canada is a poet and a translator who has received a number of literary awards. In addition to published volumes of poetry, his works also appear in several anthologies. Exile Editions has published his selected poems, Other Names for the Hart.

ALEJANDRA PIZARNIK – The Bloody Countess

Alejandra Pizarnik of Argentina published seven volumes of poetry. The prose piece appearing in this issue of Exile represents her only published prose. She died in 1972.

NIGEL DICKSON – African Weekend

Nigel Dickson of England and Canada has had his work appear in various journals and magazines. African Weekend is made up of photographs taken in Cameroun and Gabon. The cover photograph, taken in western Canada, is also by Nigel Dickson.

SEÁN VIRGO – Selakhi

Seán Virgo of Canada has published collections of poetry as well as collections of stories. The excerpt published in this volume of Exiles is from his novel Selakhi.

DON MCKAY – Two Poems

Don McKay of Canada has published many books of poetry, including, Birding, Or Desire.


Joe Rosenblatt of Canada has published many volumes of poetry: among them, The Sleeping Lady (Exile Editions), Brides Of The Stream and Poetry Hotel. Escape From The Glue Factory, his memoirs of childhood, was published by Exile Editions.

LILIANA HEKER – The Stolen Party

Liliana Heker of Argentina is a recipient of the prestigious literary prize, Casa de las Americas. She has published a novel and three books of short stories.


Michel Beaulieu of Canada produced several books of poetry of which Charms of Fury was published by Exile Editions. He died in July 1985.


Gérard Bessette of Canada is the author of numerous published works which include collections of poetry, essays and novels.


Diane Keating of Canada has published volumes of poetry. Her work has previously appeared in Exile.

JOYCE CAROL OATES – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars…

Joyce Carol Oates of the United States has published poetry, criticism, collections of stories and many novels; including Mysteries of Winterburn in 1984 and Solstice in 1985.


Joyce Mansour of France has long been associated with the Surrealists in that country. Her prose and poetry have appeared in previous issues of Exile.

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