Submitting your work to ELQ/Exile: The Literary Quarterly


We support a vital and diverse arts ecology – one that encourages equity among our contributors – one that enriches Canadian and international readers.

Only previously unpublished material will be considered.


ELQ/Exile publishes literary and speculative fiction, poetry, nonfiction, translations, drama and art from across Canada and around the world. Each year (four issues) we present approximately sixty contributors, which includes progressive talent who have previously published with us, through to new talent redefining the boundaries of contemporary literature and art.


We publish emerging and established writers of literary and speculative fiction who have a strong narrative voice, memorable characters, and a unique flair that aspires to represent the diverse Canadian mosaic.


Our nonfiction is most often found in our Word & Art features, but also includes stand-alone social and political commentary. We look for well-considered (and researched) writing with a literary style that will interest general readers and experts alike. We avoid dry, jargon-filled academic prose.


We look for emerging and established poets who have a distinct voice found in their lines. We are open to all forms of poetic approaches.


Works in translation (fiction and poetry) include francophone authors into English, as well as international authors into English (most often translated by Canadians). Our long-standing tradition of supporting translation includes over 400 such works to date.


ELQ/Exile publishes drama that is either a selection from a larger work (one that works as a stand-alone piece) or short dramatic pieces of up to eight pages.


For over 45 years we have presented an incredibly wide range of visual approaches: painting, drawing, photography, illustration, mixed media, sculpture – publishing anything that is rooted in integrity, displays purpose, and that will resonate with our readers.


Consider if your submission is compatible with ELQ/Exile’s publishing program. Take the time to look at the issues (contributors) on our web site – perhaps consider ordering previous print copies.

We will eventually move to using a Submittable-only option, but until we do, please send us your material by snail mail:

1) a cover letter telling us about yourself and your contribution

2) a CV indicating your publishing history (if applicable)

3) a brief synopsis of your work

4) the full contribution, as intended for our consideration

5) 4 to 8 selections of art that will work as a stand-alone section

6) if art with nonfiction, or vice versa (or with fiction and/or poetry) that contribution in its entirety

Be patient. ELQ/Exile receives some 500 unsolicited submissions a year (plus those by way of other open calls, such as our literary competitions and recommendations) and it takes time for them to be evaluated. Within 45 days you will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission, and we aim to respond to all submissions within six months.


Send us a submission if you have sent it out to other publishers for consideration.

Send us a submission if you are not a Canadian citizen or resident. ELQ/Exile does not accept unsolicited materials from non-Canadian writers.

Send us your submission electronically by email.

Contact us regarding the status of your submission. We keep track of all submissions received. (However, if seven months have passed, you may email us at [email protected])

Expect feedback. ELQ/Exile does not offer editorial comment on manuscripts unless we feel the work has potential for inclusion in our magazine


We do not return submissions. All materials are recycled, or properly disposed of.


ELQ/Excelsior Publishing Inc
(please indicated fiction / poetry / nonfiction / etc. editor)
170 Wellington Street West – PO Box 308
Mount Forest, ON, N0G 2L0


Open calls to a writer’s grant, two literary competitions, and book anthologies.

1) We are an esteemed recommender for the OAC’s Writers Reserve Grants program (best to submit very early due to the hundreds we receive). Note: before submitting for this grant, please go to the OAC (Ontario Arts Council) Web site at for information/guidelines on submitting your work.

Exile’s Carter V. Cooper $15,000 Short Fiction Competition opens in November of each year, and closes in May of the following year. $10,000 is awarded for the Best Story by an Emerging Writer, $5,000 for the Best Story by a Writer at any career point. See “Competitions” link.

Exile’s Gwendolyn MacEwen $3,000 Poetry Competition opens in November and closes in May. $1,500 for Best Suite by an Emerging Writer, $1,000 for Best Suite by an Any Writer, $500 for Best Poem.

New Anthologies open for submissions:


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