Exile super-event wraps up 2016!

Join us on Sunday, November 27
at the Supermarket Restaurant & Bar

268 Augusta Avenue, Toronto (Kennsington Market)A SUPER SMORGASBORD
4 Books and 3 issue of ELQ/Exile Quarterly to celebrate.

3:00–6:00 / Free Admission / Food and Drinks from the Bar
Authors take the stage at 3:45 (each reading 8-10 minutes)

The afternoon’s lineup:
George Elliott Clarke, from his book Extra Illicit Sonnets.
Giles Blunt, from his book Vanishing Act
Ewan Whyte, from his book Entrainment
Andrew F. Sullivan, from his story in ELQ magazine
Braydon Beaulieu, from his story in ELQ magazine
Vladimir Azarov, from his book Of Architecture
Rafi Aaron, from his poetry in ELQ magazine
Barry Callaghan, reads his story “Crow Jane’s Blues”
accompanied by blues guitarist/singer Eric Fefferman.


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Extra Illicit Sonnets chronicles a love affair between a man and a woman of different complexions, cultures, continents, and generations, namely, Sonia Fuentes of Andorra and Luca Xifona of Canada. She is Catalan and he is Libyan-Maltese. She is a Boomer and he is of Generation Y-Not. By way of articulate, transgential and transcendental verse, Canada’s Parliamentary Poet Laureate, George Elliott Clarke, delivers insouciant exuberance, bawdy gaudiness, and classicist formalism in this meaningful, true-to-life love story. Erotic drawings by Claire Weissman Wilks. 

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Giles Blunt’s devotion to structure is on full display in this collection, from cinquains to sapphics, from ballad to blank verse. This is no rendering of dry intellectualism, nor a stumble through spurious epiphanies. Rather, we have red-blooded passion and emotional dynamics that drive us through a wide panorama of city streets, along open highways, across bridges that connect or sometimes fail, and onward to the beaches and fields and all the spaces in between where we may lose our way, or unexpectedly find ourselves.


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This collection of poetry explores interrelatedness, the intellectual and the ubiquitous with lyrical vision. There are wonderful moments in every poem, expressions of morphogenesis, as explored through the visions of homeless people as visiting preachers, the person as uncomfortable traveller, the various voices that speak to us through history and myth, hallucinating street people singing to vegetables, a plane crash at an air show, and a recounting of the end of the medieval Cathar and Albigensian crusades. These are just a few of the topics Ewan Whyte encounters with remarkable wit and ingenuity.


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Of Architecture is Vladimir Azarov’s lively collection populated by historical icons, each poem a story about the potency of imagination, territories, border-crossings of the mind – among them: the madness of a king who wants to be a swan, Michelangelo chiselling a heart that beats into his David, Tsar Peter with his three pet dwarfs acting as generals in the army, Vera Zasulich who became the world’s first woman terrorist, Robinson Crusoe hunting for the footprints of Friday, Michael Jackson pretending he is Marcel Marceau as he woos Marlene Dietrich in Paris… Nine drawings by Nina Bunjevac.


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Rafi Aaron of Toronto has written a play and four collections of poetry, with Surviving the Censor: The Unspoken Words of Osip Mandelstam having received the Helen and Stan Vine Jewish Book Award for poetry in 2007. His poems have been published in literary magazines and anthologies, as well as translated into Hebrew. He has served as a literary judge for the Ontario Arts Council, the League of Canadian Poets, and the University of Toronto.


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Andrew F. Sullivan of Oshawa, Ontario, has published the novel, WASTE, and the story collection, All We Want Is Everything, and has appeared in journals such as Grain, Joyland, and Little Fiction. He no longer spends his days handling raw meat, boxed liquor or used video games.

Braydon Beaulieu is a doctoral candidate with the University of Calgary, where he studies creative writing, poetics, science fiction, and digital games. His most recent chapbook is ERASURE: A Short Story.


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Barry Callaghan is a Toronto author, poet, anthologist and translator. He has published some 20 books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry – most recently Between Trains (2007), Beside Still Waters (2009), Raise You Twenty (2011), part of the Raise You Five/Ten/Twenty non-fiction series. A selection of his Hogg Poems was translated into Italian (2013) with art by Enzo Cucchi; he has been translated into seven languages.

Eric Fefferman of Toronto is an emerging performance photographer, following/building upon his decades of being a touring musician. He is the lead guitar player and singer/songwriter with Caution Jam, which is also a band-in-residence at Toronto’s Grossman’s Tavern. His giclée performance prints have recently been exhibited at the P/M Gallery and in a special Grossman’s group show entitled The Grossman’s Tavern Project.
For those in the Toronto area, we hope to see you out for this great afternoon!
And look for these books and ELQ, at stores and online.


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Excelsior Publishing thanks the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, the Government of Canada, and the Ontario Arts Council.


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