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Volume 28.4

Winter 2004
John Montague of Ireland, a contributing editor to Exile since its inception in 1972, includes among his major publications Death of a Chieftain (stories), The Rough Field, The Great Cloak, The Dead Kingdom, Mount Eagle, Collected Poems (published the year he received the America Ireland Fund Literary Award) and Smashing […]

Volume 28.3

Autumn 2004
Editorial note: Over the years, the biographical note for young writers appearing in EXILE has, time and again, contained the phrase “this is his/her first published work.” In this issue, fronting and backing our section of eight established Danish authors, we have published several more such first-timers, five of them from Canada. As a […]

Volume 28.2

Summer 2004
KRISTI-LY GREEN – Notes from a Sinus Infected Country (Respiration Obscured)
Kristi-Ly Green of Canada has published in several literary journals and is the author of a book of short stories, Nits. A story from that book recently appeared in ¿Dónde es aqui? an anthology of short fiction from Canada, published in translation in Mexico, […]

Volume 28.1

Spring 2004
SHANNON BRAMER – The Father-Daughter Dance
shannon bramer of Canada has published two volumes: suitcases and other poems and scarf. In 1999, she received the Best Book Award from the Hamilton Arts Council.
Daniel Nemiroff of Canada has written and toured the country with three Fringe plays, Live Sex Show-Llamas, Step, and […]

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