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Volume 21.4

Winter 1997 – 125 pages
Contributors: William Kennedy; Ruth Tarson; David Donnell; Michelle Man Ha Tse; Loise Bak; Elizabeth Ukrainetz; Mirkka Rekola; Pierre Nepveu; William Ronald; Bill Gaston; JonArno Lawson; Martha Cooley
status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R214

Volume 21.3

Fall 1997 – 125 pages
Contributors: Andreï Makine; Priscila Uppal; Alisa Kay; Miljenko Jergovic; Aaron Woodley; Susan Swan; Kenneth J. Harvey; Michel von Dreger; Lisa St. Aubin de Téran
status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R213

Volume 21.2

Summer 1997 – 141 pages
Contributors: Austin Clarke; Hayden Carruth; Mieke Bevelander; Fran Muir; Andrea Zanzotto; Barry Callaghan; Sandro Chia; Daniel David Moses
status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R212

Volume 21.1

Spring 1997 – 141 pages
Contributors: Katarina Frostenson; Leon Rooke; David Wevill; Wislawa Szymborska; Kevin Chong; Ferida Durakovic; Maja Dénic-Munk; Sara O’Leary; Martha Gould
status: AVAILABLE; price: $12.00 CAN / $8.50 US; Order # R211

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