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Volume 1.4

Spring 1974 – 158 pages
Contributors: Joe Rosenblatt; Francoise Xenakis; Joyce Carol Oates; Michel Lambeth; Philippe Thoby-Marcelin; Marie-Clair Blais; Mary Meigs
status: VERY RARE; price: $22.50 CAN / $18.00 US; Order # E014

Volume 1.3

Summer 1973 – 221 pages
Contributors: Roch Carrier; John Montague; Garry Engkent; Jacques Ferron; Unsigned; Robert Zend; Marcel Marceau; Morley Callaghan; Harry Sommers
status: VERY RARE; price: $22.50 CAN / $18.00 US; Order # E013

Volume 1.2

Winter 1972 -135 pages
Contributors: Yehia Hakki; Robert Marteau; Joe Rosenblatt; Claude Gauvreau; William Kurelek; Rochelle Owens; Jerzy Kosinski; Margaret Avison; Barry Callaghan; Edmund Wilson
status: RARE; price: $17.50 CAN / $13.50 US; Order # E012

Volume 1.1

Summer 1972 -142 pages
Contributors: John Montague; Morley Callaghan; Margaret Atwood; Samar Attar; Jerzy Kosinski; Yehuda Amichai; Michel Deguy; Garry Engkent; Robert Zend; N’calina; Drew Farrell; Marie-Clair Blais
status: RARE; price: $25.00 CAN / $20.00 US

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