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Volume 33.2

Summer 2009

Aziz Nazmi Shakir-Tash is a poet, fiction writer, and translator born in southern Bulgaria, now living in both Sofia and Istanbul, Turkey. He is the author of three books of poetry and one of short prose: Grounds for a Sky, At 22, A Sky at 33, and Rain Apocrypha.
Grounds For A Sky
Julie Booker of […]

Volume 4.1

Winter 1976 – 127 pages
Contributors: Breyten Breytenbach; David Goldblatt; Irving Layton; Ascher/Straus; Thomas Kinsella; Dave Margoshes; France Théoret; Nicole Brossard; Marie-Clair Blais
status: VERY RARE; price: $19.50 CAN / $15.00 US; Order # E041

Volume 4.2

Spring 1977 – 128 pages
Contributors: Yehuda Amichai; Ron Padgett; Jacques Ferron; Mary Meigs; André Frenaud; Paul Célan; Claire Rumin Wilks; Susan Musgrave; Jackie D’Ambroise; Robert Zend
status: VERY RARE; price: $19.50 CAN / $15.00 US; Order # E042

Volume 4.3 / 4.4 (Double Issue)

Fall 1977 – 246 pages
Contributors: Margaret Atwood; Timothy Findley; Dennis Burton; Marie-Clair Blais; Alden Nowlan; Joe Rosenblatt; Robert Kroetsch; Luc Bourbonais; Robert Marteau; R. Murray Schafer
status: AVAILABLE; double issue price: $25.00 CAN / $20.00 US; Order # E0434

Volume 5.1 / 5.2 (Double Issue)

Winter 1977 – 270 pages
Contributors: Leonard Cohen; Roch Carrier; Joyce Carol Oates; Tomi Ungerer; Robert Marteau; Jaime Gil de Biedma; Maurice Riordan; Marilyn Bowering; John Montague
status: EXTREMELY RARE; double issue price: $39.00 CAN / $31.50 US; Order # E0512

Volume 5.3 / 5.4 (Double Issue)

Fall 1978 – 263 pages
Contributors: Barry Callaghan; Claude Esteban; Gregory O’Donohue; Jacques Ferron; Derek Mahon; Thomas Kinsella; Ascher/Straus; David Donnell; Robert Zend; Robert Marteau; Marie-Clair Blais; Guillevic; Susan Musgrave; Victor-Lévy Beaulieu
status: AVAILABLE; double issue price: $25.00 CAN / $20.00 US; Order # E0534

Volume 6.1 / 6.2 (Double Issue)

Summer 1979 – 254 pages
Contributors: Joe Rosenblatt; Joyce Carol Oates; Mary Meigs; Mary Haynes; Robert Markle; Seán Virgo; Marilyn Bowering; Ruth Andrishak; Stephen Scobie; Claire Rumin Wilks; Morley Callaghan
status: AVAILABLE; double issue price: $25.00 CAN / $20.00 US; Order # E0612

Volume 6.3 / 6.4 (Double Issue)

Winter 1979 – 251 pages
Contributors: Jennifer Rankin; Athol Fugard; Robert Marteau; Marc Wildershien; Claire Wilks; Gwendolyn MacEwen; R. Murray Scafer; John Montague
status: VERY RARE; double issue price: $32.00 CAN / $27.50 US; Order # E0634

Volume 7.1 / 7.2 (Double Issue)

Summer 1980 – 256 pages
Contributors: Barry Callaghan; Joyce Carol Oates; Mary di Michelle; Rejean Ducharme; Louis Goulet; Archambault Theatre Collective; David Annesley; Marilyn Bowering; Timothy Findley; Ludwig Zeller; Robin Skelton; Helen French
status: EXTREMELY RARE; double issue price: $39.00 CAN / $31.50 US; Order # E0712

Volume 7.3 / 7.4 (Double Issue)

Winter 1980 – 256 pages
Contributors: Margaret Atwood; Joyce Carol Oates; John Montague; Raymond Queneau; Philippe Guerin; Jacques Ferron; David I. Sheidlower; M.B. Duggan; John Meredith; Robert Allen; Mary Melfi; Gwendolyn MacEwen; Claude Gauvreau; Henry Beisel; LeRoy Gorman; Marie-Clair Blais; Tim Inkster; Mavis Gallant
status: OUT OF PRINT

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