We offer print advertising on the inside covers of each issue, and if appropriate/connected to the cover ads, on the 3rd last page, or as card inserts (note: we do not do any print advertising within the issue itself, other than the 3rd last page). We also can do French Flap advertising.

The standard inside cover advertising space is 6″x9″, B&W format. (If you want colour advertising, then the cost increases to reflect the need for processing colour plates, etc. – this option to be discussed at time of ordering.). Non-standard/French Flap must be discussed.

The cost for both front and back inside cover is $575.00. Or, inside front alone is $325.00; inside back is $250.oo. Taxes, plus any additional fees are extra (see following point for additional fees).

Advertisements are subject to approval. Note: most times, to facilitate approval and format considerations, we often do the design/set up based on material provided by the advertiser … this is usually included in the Advertising Price per cover; final design subject to your approval.

Also offered:
a) if you want both covers, you can chose to complement the advertisements with more info on the inside 3rd last page; that page costs $95.00 – $145.00 (depending on any additional design/set-up costs).
b) “card” inserts to go into the magazine itself … if appropriate for your advertising needs, these must be discussed with regards to dimension, B&W or colour format, etc., for determining pricing.

Information on our publication: our print run is 1400 copies, most going to individual subscribers and university/college libraries, with 200 to Indigo/other independent, university and college book stores (note: we do not send more copies to the book stores, as we DO NOT inflate our circulation numbers simply so books can be distributed, then destroyed after “minimal” sales – which is a common practice for many magazines so they can charge more for ad rates based on a misleading circulation number).

For examples of past advertising, click here:
Examples of Past Advertising

To contact us regarding advertising, click here:
E-Mail us at EXILE

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