(2013-14) $2,500 Gwendolyn MacEwen~Exile Poetry Competition, Year Two

The $2,500 Gwendolyn MacEwen~Exile Poetry Competition, Year Two

$2,000 for best suite of poems / $500 for best poem.

Winners to be published in ELQ/Exile the Literary Quarterly.

Use this downloadable PDF for your submission: $2,500 MacEwen Entry Form 2013-14

For further information or questions, please email us at: CONTACT

$2500 MacEwen 2013-14

Our 2012-13 competition’s shortlist and winners, and judging comments:

Best Suite, joint Winners (to share the $2,000): “Threshold” by Marilyn Bowering and “Touched” by Linda Rogers van Krugel. Best Poem Winner ($500) “Blue Hour” by Pamela Porter:

* Ambitious as John Berryman’s Homage to Mistress Bradstreet, “Threshold” unfolds with a quite opposite aesthetic: its words are as plain, bare and pregnant as the stones of a ruined croft.  Vivid and particular in her own time and place, a silenced, exiled Hebridean poet speaks across three centuries to a world where everything has changed except the human dilemma of daring to think for oneself.

* William Blake proclaimed that “energy is eternal delight”, and so it is when it combines attitude and wit with erudition & imaginative originality. “Touched” is defiant, erotic and exuberant: an eclectic breaker’s dance that claims street, home and library for its stage, and allows no walls between them.

“Blue Hour”
* So many poems get written about failing or dying parents, affecting as records of actual experience but without aesthetic necessity or daring. “Blue Hour”, by contrast, is an inspired, frustrated love poem. In its quest to understand an Other it moves, in cadenced stages, through metaphors that loom and then recede in authority. A marriage of laconic delivery with visionary guesswork, it pivots around a central, unanswerable question.

* Best Suite of Poems short list ($2,000):
Renée Sarojini Saklikar – children of air India, selected exhibits
Adrienne Drobnies – Randonnées
Marilyn Bowering – Threshold
Linda Rogers van Krugel – Touched

* Best Single Poem short list ($500):
Pamela Porter – “Blue Hour”
Bruce Meyer – “Cezanne’s Card Players”
Gillian Harding-Russell – “Desert Duet”
Branka Petrovic – “In Which Her Extremities Are Devil and Her Face is Angel”
Bruce Meyer – “The Movie Being Filmed Across the Street…”

And we thank all those who made the short and long lists, and to all those who entered!


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