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ELQ-41.1-2017    Volume 41, No. 1

Last Works
A special section of art, poems and prose:
Claire Wilks, John Montague, Richard Teleky, Timothy Findley and Barry Callaghan.

The Language of Light
Interdisciplinary works by Italian Photographer Ljubodrag Andric.

Trying to Get Close to Bob Dylan
Intimate responses to his winning the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature.

“My Five” with Musician Joe Sealy

Fiction: Norman Snider and Martha Bátiz

Fiction and Art: Ursula Pflug and SK Dyment

Poetry: Stanley Fefferman, George Elliott Clarke, Marc di Saverio


ELQ 40.4   Volume 40, No. 4

Tyson Grumm
Paintings that invite us into a topsy-turvy realm of the imaginative.

John Reeves
The iconic photographer leaves us an incredible body of work.

Aleksandar Zograf
Increased anti-Semitism… A travel ban… fear mongering…
Here: Letters from History. Lest the  U.S. forget what autocratic rule can bring…

The Otherworldly Visions of Taras Kovaliv

“My Five” with Artist Vince Mancuso

Fiction: Diana Svennes-Smith, A.L. Bishop, Sang Kim, Arrigo Cipriani, Frank Westcott

Poetry: James Clarke, Kerry Gilbert, Louise Cotnoir, Antonio D’Alfonso, Susan Plett


ELQ 403   Volume 40, No. 3

The Secret Garden of Gabriela Campos
A special feature section on the Mexican-Canadian artist by Linda Rogers.

Where the Weird Things Are
Q: With the viral age of social media, digital distribution, and
independent publishing…Where are we?
A: The art and practice of Joe Deagnon.

Canadian Creatures, Myths, and Monsters
reside beneath the blankets of snow, under the ripples of water, within the
whispers of the wind, and between the husks of trees all across Canada.

Fiction: Leon Rooke, Helen Marshall, Matthew Heiti, Martin Teplitsky

Poetry: Veronica Gaylie, Marianne Micros, Corina Manninen



Three May book launches. Four books. Four issues of ELQ.

Cli-Fi launch

Teleky-Clarke launch

Rafi Aaron launch 2017


Open calls for three new anthologies.

For details and submissions: https://exilepublishing.submittable.com/submit


Short list for ELQ’s short fiction and poetry competitions to be announced final week of July.

Year Seven of the Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Competition (2016-17)

Year Five of the Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Competition (2016-17).


April – July, 2017 Releases

You can also find and buy these books at www.Exile Editions.com

ricky-atkinson-dirty-tricks-gang-2017 the-blue-hour-2017

cli-fi-2017 oblique-verdicts-2017

cotton-wind-2017 coyote-big-buck-2017


ELQ 40.2   Volume 40, No. 2

Bird People of the Aviary
A hybrid crossover of faith in science with a belief in otherworldly beings:
the intriguing photography of Sara Angelucci.

An Unusual A to Z Alphabet of odd childhood faux pas
by Gail Prussky.

Fiction: Marianne Ackerman, Maggie Dwyer, Hugh Graham, Josip Novakovich, Lisa Pike

Poetry: Richard Teleky, Gillian Harding-Russell, Rafi Aaron, Nasra Adem

ELQ 40.1   Volume 40, No. 1

Pierre Gauvreau
Automatism is still the only road open to the future.
Text and Translation by Ray Ellenwood

Steampunk: Reinterpreted and reimagined.
An infinitely malleable genre, writers reassemble it to explore new avenues,
to tell new stories. Holly Schofield, Kate Heartfield, Rati Mehrotra

Migrants’ Stories
As the world watches with awe the ongoing struggles of so many fleeing refugees,
this is an illustrated perspective on the plight of those looking to make a new life.
by Aleksander Zograf

“My Five” by George Elliott Clarke

Fiction: Rolli and Suzanne Latagne

Poetry: Victor López, Keith Garebian, Roger Greenwald, Jeanette Luchese, Priscila Uppal


Autumn 2016 Releases:

THOSE WHO MAKE US: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories
The Exile Book of Anthology Series: Number Thirteen – Ed. Kelsi Morris and Kaitlin Tremblay
What resides beneath the blankets of snow, under the ripples of water, within the whispers of the wind, and between the husks of trees all across Canada? Creatures, myths and monsters are everywhere… even if we don’t always see them. Canadians from all backgrounds and cultures look to identify with their surroundings through stories. In these 18 stories, speculative and literary stories provide unique takes on what being Canadian is about.
5.5 x 8.5     Paperback     304 pages     978-1-55096-589-6     $19.95
BOZUK by Linda Rogers
This is a tale for our times, enveloping the reader in a fictionalized travel memoir that blossoms with vivid language and imagery accessible to all.  The storyteller’s family were refugees, and her experiences following their assimilation into Canadian society mirrors many of the personal confrontations, sacrifices, and moments of discovery that underlie family dynamics with each new wave of émigrés.
5 x 8  Paperback     240 pages     978-1-55096-597-1     $19.95

The 13 finalists from the Gloria Vanderbilt/Anderson Cooper-sponsored Canadians-only short fiction competition, which annually awards $10,000 to the best story by an Emerging Writer, and $5,000 to a Writer at Any Career Point. This volume presents Leon Rooke, Norman Snider, Helen Marshall, Katherine Govier, Bruce Meyer, Sheila McClarty, Caitlin Laura Galway, Martha Bátiz, A.L. Bishop, Diana Svennes-Smith, Matthew Heiti, Frank Westcott and Sang Kim.
5 x 8  Paperback     224 pages     978-1-55096-633-6     $19.95


Foreword by David Cronenberg. Afterword by Jeff Rollings.
54 black and white drawings and 16 colour paintings, along with stories and poems by the artist. Beautifully drawn and painted, accompanied by stories and poems, this wonderful menagerie of insects, animals and people are startling, at times frightening, but always grin-inducing over the pages. Broken Balloons is a unique and satirical take on the world, like a children’s adult view of the universe that springs from a lifetime of looking at reality sideways. Welcome to Gail’s world. Linger as long as you like – it can be quite contagious!

8 x 8.25  Paperback     104 pages     978-1-55096-545-2     $19.95


All books available from Indigo, Amazon, select indie retailers – or with free shipping from www.Exile Editions.com


ELQ 393ELQ394

Volume 39, No. 3                                    Volume 39, No. 4



We have our Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Competition (2015-16) winners!

This year we had three categories, $1,500 for Best Suite by an Established writer, $1,000 for Best Suite by an Emerging Writer, and $500 Best Poem by a writer at any Career Point.

• Best Established Suite: Gillian Harding-Russell (Regina, Saskatchewan) with Making Sense
• Best Emerging Suite: Kerry Gilbert (Vernon, B.C.) with Little Red
• Those on the Short List:
Cor-age [Kerry Gilbert]
Ladywood [Susan Vernon]
Marta Dreams of a Better Life [Susan J. Atkinson]
Puss Cat in the Underworld [James MacSwain]

• Best Poem: Bruce Meyer (Barrie, Ontario) with The Road to Alfacar
• Those on the Short List:
Fool [James MacSwain, emerging]
Listen to Me Like You Have Listened to the Rain [Rafi Aaron, emerging]
Mennonite House [Sherry Coffey, emerging]
Water Elegy [Tom Wayman, established]



Exile’s  Carter V. Cooper $15,000 Short Fiction Competition  (2015-16) saw $10,000 awarded to Matthew Heiti for Best Story by an Emerging Writer, and $5,000 to Helen Marshall for Best Story by a Writer at any career point.

• The 2015-16 short listed writers (announced in early September) were published by Exile Editions in the CVC Anthology Series, Book Six, and all will be published over four issues in Exile: The Literary Quarterly (ELQ).

• The Awards Celebrations were held on Sunday, September 18, with a luncheon followed by a garden party.


Spring 2016 Releases:

Clockwork web promo Hoggwash web promo

Launched at the Supermarket Restaurant in Toronto’s Kennsington Market:

Clockwork Canada, Tuesday, May 10, 5:45 – 8:45

Hoggwash, Monday, May 9, 6:00 – 8:30 (Special ticketed/reservations dinner event)


Vanishing Act web promotif Fragments web promoArchitecture web promo


Recent Releases (November and December, 2015):

PLT BrainInjury

EIS LastWord




New anthologies from previous open calls:

Over the Rainbow: Fairy Tales from the Margins (closed – Releasing May 2018)

Editors Derek Newman-Stille and Kelsi Morris.

CLI-FI: Canadian Tales of Climate Fiction (Released May 2017)

Editor Bruce Meyer.

Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth and Monster stories (Released November 1, 2016)

Editors Kaitlin Tremblay and Kelsi Morris.


Winners of the Gwendolyn MacEwen $2,500 Poetry Competition (2014-15): 

We have the winners, from the shortlist: four Suites that stood out above the rest, and six Single Poems that also rose above the others.

For the Best Poem ($500): “The Harmony” (Suite: Eudaimonia) by Bruce Meyer

For the Best Poetry Suite ($2,000): “The Question” by Tom Wayman


Best Suites:
“Arthur and Alfred” by Bruce Meyer
“Demeter’s Daughters” by Marianne Micros
“Proud men do not listen” by Gillian Harding-Russell
“The Question” by Tom Wayman

Best Single Poem (from the related Suite):
*Abandoned Houses (Suite: “Obligations”) by Bruce Meyer
*Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem (Suite: “Sarcoma Suite or Another Dysfunctional Cancer Poem”) by Priscila Uppal
*A True Portrait of Talaat Pasha (Suite: “Armenian Suite”) by Keith Garebian
*Confirmants (Suite: “From There to Here… a Tumultuous Journey”) by Jeanette Luchese
*Spring Flowers at Pompeii (Suite: “Take it All”) by Roger Greenwald
*The Harmony (Suite: “Eudaimonia”) by Bruce Meyer

Thank you to all who entered! And, get ready for year four… opening November 15, 2015.



Winners of the Carter V. Cooper $15,000 Short Fiction Competition

$10,000 for best story by an emerging writer. $5,000 for best story by a writer at any career point.

Lisa Foad (emerging) and Nicholas Ruddock (any career point) are remarkably talented writers, and are this year’s winners of our annual Carter V Cooper short fiction competition; they will also receive specially created crystal sculpture awards designed by Mark Raynes Roberts. Celebration evening on Saturday, June 20, in Toronto. (if you would like info on how to attend: Gala Evening Event).

The short list, and those who will appear in the anthology, are:
Nicholas Ruddock “Mario Vargas Llosa”
Josip Novakovich “Dunavski Pirat”
Leon Rooke “Sara Mago et al”
Hugh Graham “After Me”
Jane Eaton Hamilton “The Night SS Sloan Undid His Shirt”
Bruce Meyer “Tilting”
Priscila Uppal “Bed Rail Entrapment Risk Notification Guide”
Christine Miscione “Spring”
Lisa Foad “How To Feel Good”
Veronica Gaylie “Tom, Dick, and Harry”
Maggie Dwyer “Chihuahua”
Bart Campbell “Slim And The Hangman”
Linda Rogers van Krugel “Raging Breath and Furious Mothers”
Lisa Pike “Stellas”

This year’s judges were Norman Snider, screenwriter and essayist; Frances Mary Morrison, senior television producer, documentaries; Jerry Tutunjian, executive magazine editor; Matt Shaw, short story writer and copy editor.



Spring 2015 launches and readings:


NoirCoverPromo  Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Exile book of New Canadian Noir launch and readings, featuring David Menear, Michael Mirolla, Kelly Robson, Ada Hoffman and Michael S Chong.

22 stories that showcase the Canadian noir imagination, from its hard-boiled home in crime fiction to its grim forays into horror, fantasy, and surrealism; from the dystopian shadows it casts in science fiction to the mixture of desire and corruption it brings to erotica; from the blood-spattered romance of the frontier to the stark nihilism of literary realism. Contributors: Corey Redekop, Joel Thomas Hynes, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Chadwick Ginther, Michael Mirolla, Simon Strantzas, Steve Vernon, Kevin Cockle, Colleen Anderson, Shane Simmons, Laird Long, Dale L. Sproule, Alex C. Renwick, Ada Hoffmann, Kieth Cadieux, Michael S. Chong, Rich Larson, Kelly Robson, Edward McDermott, Hermine Robinson, David Menear, Patrick Fleming.

The Dora Keogh Irish Pub, 141 Danforth Ave (east of Broadview), Toronto.  6:15 doors open (order food and drinks from the bar menu), readings begin 7:30. Free admission.


The Second cover  Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The SECOND isAlan J Cooper’s novel about the socio-political ramifications we face when confronting contemporary religion and spirituality.

The author’s website has a 5-minute video featuring the book, at www.alanjcooper.com.

The readings with a Q&A : 1:00-3:00 p.m. at Toronto’s Central Reference library, Elizabeth Beeton auditorium, 789 Yonge Street, Toronto, 416-395-5577416-395-5577 www.torontopubliclibrary.ca. The book will be available for $15 book (retail $29.95 retail).


A one-hour interview with Alan J Cooper, on the Take your Seat radio show, broadcast on world wide digital radio, and at www.Gemjin.com, heard in 20 countries, with 33,000 listeners in the USA alone. 


DanceCoverPromo  Monday, April 20, 2015

This is the long-awaited collection of stories from one of Canada’s celebrated authors of short fiction! Erudite and funny, nostalgic and fanciful, these stories unlock the secret longings and unlooked for victories that make up everyday life, Hayward writes with a sure sense of his characters and the complex, imperfect worlds they inhabit – an elegant and unforgettable collection of stories that are assured in depictions of characters and distinctive in voice.

Wind Up Bird Café, 382 College Street (at Borden). Reserved seating only: $59.95 – includes three-course dinner, plus the book. Additional writers from ELQ/Exile Quarterly will be featured.



Current and recent issues of ELQ/Exile Quarterly:


391cover  Volume 39, No. 1

Fiction by Ray Robertson, Madeline Sonik, Leon Rooke, Susan P. Redmayne, Josip Novakovich / Poetry by A.F. Moritz, Greg Brown, Kathy Fisher, Rahat Kurd, H. Masud Taj / Special Word & Art section on Blues in Toronto: Peter Goddard, Eric Fefferman, Barry Callaghan.

384  Volume 38, No. 4

Fiction by Helen Marshall, Linda Rogers, Kieth Cadieux, Michael Mirolla, Alex C. Renwick, Joel Thomas Hynes / Poetry by Elizabeth Rhaett Woods, Vladimir Azarov with Nina Bunjevac / Drama by Tara Beagan.

383  Volume 38, No. 3

Gwendolyn MacEwen: Terror & Erebus / Gilbert Garcin: Photographs / Fiction by Emmanuel Kattan, Erin Soros, Gregory Betts, Matthew R. Loney / Poetry by  Jeff Bien, Beth Goobie, Brian Brett.

382  Volume 38, No. 2

Special 150th Issue! The Left Hand is the Dreamer: new artwork by Gloria Vanderbilt in a special eight-page colour section. Looking for Marshall McLuhan in Afghanistan: a visual perspective on war, by Rita Leistner. Fiction by Jason Timermanis, Hugh Graham, George McWhirter, Ascher/Straus, Frank Westcott / Poetry by Anne Michaels, Brian Brett, Ewan Whyte, Tom Wayman, Silvia Bre.



Highlights from 2014:

WOTS 2014

Vladimir Azarov, his book: Sochi Delirium, for “Pop Poetry” at 12:30 PM – the Vibrant Voices of Ontario Tent; with Adrienne Weiss, for readings from their new releases, and a discussion on the themes of your works and what inspired them. 30 minutes in length.

 Matthew R. Loney, his book That Savage Water, for “Long Story Short” at 1:15 PM -the Great Books Marquee stage. Joined by Mireille Silcoff and Shawn Syms for readings and discussion about the process of writing short stories. 30 minutes in length.

 Emmanuel Kattan, his book Paths of Desire for a reading and discussion on his novel, at 4:15 PM – the Great Books Marquee stage. 30 minutes in length.

Book sales and signings – for all authors – at the U of T Bookstore table at each event.

The Exile booth is #196 – see you there, under sunny skies (stay away rain!)

WOTS 3 covers copy


KWF logo

George Elliott Clarke  Traverse   Saturday Night Speak Easy with Julie Brown & Friends, Saturday September 27, 9:00 – 11:00 pm, Bellevue Room, Holiday Inn, at the foot of Princess Street in downtown Kingston.

A night of stories and poems set within the original musical landscape of our house band, jazz combo Trio Without Words, led by local saxophone virtuoso Jonathan Stewart, and backed by bassist Michael Perlin, and drummer Mike Cassells. Lively literary performances by Martha Baillie, George Elliott Clarke, Wayne Clifford, Jeramy Dodds, Stephen Galloway, Aislinn Hunter, Robert McGill, Kim Thúy, and Miriam Toews. Hosted by local TV personality, CKWS anchor Julie Brown. Cash bar. Doors open at 8:15 pm.



Monday, September 22: Windup Bird Cafe, 382 College St. West.

6 Exceptional Writers!

An evening of book launches and readings – and a Special 80th Birthday Celebration!

Emmanuel Kattan  Paths of Desire  (Translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
This is the story of a Jewish/ Muslim woman’s suspense-filled journey of discovery as she confronts her family’s origins, and the realities of living and loving in a turbulent environment where faith and religion are inextricably mixed with politics and daily life – all too often creating frontiers and barriers in the souls of the people. A mystery thriller set against a backdrop of intolerance and narrow-mindedness.
Matthew R. Loney  That Savage Water
A striking collection of stories about travels abroad, told in language that is rich in description, full of lucid and lively textures, smells and sensations that transports the reader to places not on the average itinerary.   Stories written for the diverse travellers-at-heart who enjoy reading about places far from home.
Marc Séguin   Hollywood (Translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo)
This novel was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award for Fiction [original French version, 2013]. Marc Séguin is a master when working with events of enormous impact, and wonderfully empathetic in his revelations about the human heart.  Hollywood is a tale full of fateful meetings and strange coincidences, and an exploration of those moments that stand against the hypocrisy of the American Dream, what many now consider an unattainable “made-in-Hollywood” ideal.
Diane Keating  The Crying Out
The Crying Out is a daring first novel that draws the reader into its haunted world through the power of language and imagery. The highly charged, voice-driven narrative weaves back and forth between the 17th and 20th centuries, integrating past and present, love and betrayal, madness and sanity. By exploring the history of one family, Diane Keating speaks to the eternal question of what makes us who we are.
ELQ/Exile Quarterly Two authors from recent releases 37.4 and 38.2:
Anne Michaels of Toronto has been published in over forty countries, and has won many awards internationally. Her novel Fugitive Pieces was made into a feature film, and other works have been adapted for the stage in Europe and Canada. Her work has also been adapted by composers for performance in Europe, Australia and Canada. Correspondences is a finalist for the 2014 Griffin Poetry Prize.
Leon Rooke (A Very Happy 80th Birthday!) of Toronto is one of Canada’s most prolific writers, and the author of over 20 books, among them Shakespeare’s Dog, The Fall of Gravity, A Good Baby, The Magician of Love, The Beautiful Wife, The Last Shot, and Wide World in Celebration and Sorrow: Acts of Kamikaze Fiction. He has been widely anthologized, has won the Governor General’s Award, and with John Metcalf annually runs the Metcalf-Rooke Award for short fiction.

$59.50 Per Person  /  Please arrive 6:00  /  Dinner served 6:45 (Only 50 seats available!)
(Price Includes Dinner and the 4 Books; retail of the books over $80!)


(served with a fresh green salad)
Baked Vegetable Loaf (V, GF)
Grilled Rack of Lamb (GF)
Grilled Bay of
Fundy Atlantic Salmon (GF)

(medley of house specialties)
Mixed Berry Cobbler,
Passion Fruit Mousse (GF), Mango Cheesecake.

(V = Vegan, GF = Glutten Free)


Reservations by PayPal or Credit Card: email: [email protected]


Invite Sept 22



Sept 8: Exile’s $2,500 Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Competition – winners for Best suite of poems, and best poem.

Best Suite:
Jeff Bien – A Bribe for the Ferryman

Best Poem:
Brian Brett – Food Chain

From the long listed best suite of poems:
Rishma Dunlop – Amsterdam Suite (Toronto ON)
Yvonne Blomer –  Letters Home (Victoria BC)
Cathy Ford – Washing the Bodies of the Dead (Sidney BC)
Linda Rogers – Ekphrasis (Victoria BC)
David Zieroth – Poems with Slovak Words (North Vancouver BC)
Bruce Meyer – Paper Ornithology (Barrie ON)
Elizabeth Woods – When the Earthquake Struck (Victoria BC)
Bruce Meyer – The Book of Things (Barrie ON)
Rahat Kurd – Seven Stones for Jamarat (Vancouver BC)
Jeff Bien – A Bribe for the Ferryman (Kemptville ON)
Sarah Klassen – Perchance to Dream (Winnipeg MB)

From the long listed best poem:
James MacSwain – Banquet (Halifax NS)
Bruce Meyer – Ravenna Side Road (Barrie ON)
Valérie C. Kaelin  – Bouquet (Toronto ON)
D.C. Reid – Like the Circles That You Find (Victoria BC)
Elaine Stirling – Unprincipled (Newmarket ON)
Brian Brett – The Control Shot (Salt Spring Island BC)
Bruce Meyer – A Free Translation (Barrie ON)
Kathy Fisher – Smoke Pit (Edmonton AB)
Bruce Meyer – Strawberries (Barrie ON)
Brian Brett – Food Chain (Salt Spring Island BC)
Frank Westcott – And She Lay Herself Down (Alliston ON)
Sandra Kasturi – Our Children Are Sad Because We Love Them (Toronto ON)

The short list will be announced in one week, winners at the end of the month.

Thank you to all who entered! – it was a great round of submissions, and difficult to choose from among them….



On Saturday, June 21, Gloria Vanderbilt presented the winners of Exile’s $15,000 Carter V. Cooper  Short Fiction competition their prizes, at a reserved-seat ticketed event ($98 per person). Winners Jason Timermanis and Hugh Graham appear along with the other 10 shortlisted in the CVC Short Fiction Anthology–Book Four, which launched on Monday, June 23, at Toronto’s Dora Keogh Irish Pub (they join the over 175 Exile writers who have appeared over seven years!). We  also presented our 150th issue of ELQ/Exile Quarterly at the awards evening and at the launch. And Gloria Vanderbilt was happily signing her collection of stories, The Things We Fear Most (Exile Editions).

CVC4 382-web1 Vanderbilt-cover


Jason Timermanis – “Appetite” – $10,000 (Emerging winner) – reading at the launch
Hugh Graham – “The Man” – $5,000 (Any Career Point winner) – reading at the launch
Helen Marshall – “The Zhanell Adler Brass Spyglass”
K’ari Fisher  – “Saddle Up!”
Linda Rogers van Krugel – “Three Strikes” – reading at the launch
Susan P. Redmayne – “Baptized” – reading at the launch
Matthew R. Loney – “The Pigeons of Peshawar”
Erin Soros – “Morning is Vertical” – reading at the launch
Gregory Betts – “Planck” – reading at the launch
George McWhirter – “Sisters in Spades”
Madeline Sonik – “Punctures”
Leon Rooke – “Slain By a Madam” – reading at the launch

Those who made the Long List:

Bohdan A Shulakewych – “Maeve”
Katherine Fawcett – “Lenny and the Polyamphibians”
Jacqueline Windh – “So Close To Home”
Martha Bátiz – “Maria Times Seven”
Frank Westcott – “My Last Story”
Jon Papernick (Jonny Papers) – “Biafran Man”
Michael Matheson – “Change as Seen Through an Orrery of Celestial Fire”
Larry McConnell – “Just A Funeral”



Recent Issues of ELQ/Exile magazine:


38.1 ~ Translation/transcreativity feature, with poetry by Giovanna Sandri, Pablo Neruda, Gunnar Harding, Jean-Aubert Loranger and fiction by Augustín Cadena, Mónica Lavín and Araceli Ardón. The great master of short fiction, Mavis Gallant, with a story found only in our pages. Toronto’s Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke on reading Neruda. Matthew R. Loney, a story from his forthcoming October 2014 collection.



37.4 ~ Special feature: Amiri Baraka, a perspective and poem. The Armenian Genocide: 100 Years of Denial, by Jirair Tutunjian. The Suffocating Burden of Words by Kenneth J. Harvey. Fiction: Leon Rooke, Helen Marshall, Marc Séguin. Poetry: Christopher Doda, Vladimir Azarov, Martine Audet.


373 cover

37.3 ~ Poetry: Veronica Gaylie, Marilyn Bowering, Antonella Anedda, Priscila Uppal. Fiction: Rob Peters, Diane Keating, Greg Hollingshead, Christopher Adamson, Matthew R. Loney. Word & Art feature: WAR / Introduction by Christian Bernard Singer, Art by Laura Donefer and Claire Weissman Wilks. Art section, and cover: Gail Prussky.


372 cover

37.2 ~ The Apocalyptic Vision of William Kurelek: a Special 32-page Feature including 8 Colour Paintings, Black Tulips in the Wind (a reflection on the artist, read at his funeral) by Barry Callaghan, and The Passion of Kurelek – an excerpt from the screenplay by David Sobelman. Also in the issue is Poetry by Janice Kulyk Keefer, Helen Marshall, Pamela Porter and Linda Rogers, as well as Fiction by David Somers, Joe Rosenblatt, Norman Snider, Yakos Spiliotopoulos and Liz Windhorst Harmer. Cover by William Kurelek.


371 cover

37.1 ~ Fiction: Priscila Uppal, Ignacio del Valle, Greg Kearney, Jonathan Papernick, George McWhirter. Poetry: Anna Akhmatova, Kildare Dobbs, George Elliott Clarke, Erin Noteboom, Troy Jollimore. Non-fiction: Nicholas Ruddock and Hugh Graham. Word & Art features: Stephen Zeifman, Lee Ka-sing & Gary Michael Dault.


On Sunday, June 1, Exile was at the Niagara Literary Arts Festival (www.NLAF.jigsy.com). Publisher Michael Callaghan spoke about publishing and getting published at 12:00, and Exile authors George Elliott Clarke, Bruce Meyer and James Clarke read from 3:30 – 4:30. Exile also had a book table at the Book Fair. Niagara-on-the-lake Public Library / (905) 468-2023 / notlpubliclibrary.org

notl poster

May 13, 2014 book launch and readings; George Elliott Clarke, Alan J Cooper, Joe Fiorito, Sarah Sheard, M.T. Kelly, Veronica Gaylie and Matthew R. Loney.

May 13, 2014 Invite-Dora




News and Events from 2013:



Sunday, Sept 22 – We were at Word on the Street (ELQ/Exile Magazine & Books, booth 188, North of Grosvenor Street, just past the Great Books Marquee tent). Over thirty titles from 2013, 2012, and highlight releases from previous years, all $10 each! Boy… did we do a brisk business!


Miscione Review-web

Thursday, Oct 17 – Christine Miscione’s Auxiliary Skins launched in New York City, at the Corner Bookstore, 1313 Madison Ave., 6pm. “A dazzling debut: This is honest, impressive, visceral writing, stylistically polished and full of punch.” —Telegraph Journal  

See photos at facebook.com/exile.writers (request our friendship)


A BIG WEEK of Exile events:


FofB Brockton

Wednesday, Nov 13 – Full of Beans & Roastery, part of the Brockton Writers Series – Publisher Michael Callaghan speaks about Exile’s publishing program. 6:30pm, 1348 Dundas St. W., Toronto (Dundas/Dovercourt area).



Thursday, November 14 – Jacqueline Windh, who was shortlisted for Exile’s Short Fiction Competition (2011-12), and appeared in our CVC Anthology Book Two, translated to English Hai kur mamášu cis: I Want to Tell You a Story (published by Ediciones Pix). Ben McNally Books, 6:00pm.


Stories Great

Fri/Sat Nov 15/16 – Restauranteurs Sang Kim and Claudio Gaudio present a very special double-evening launch extravaganza, featuring at least 12 writers from The Stories That Are Great Within Us, an anthology of “Toronto Stories.” Participating authors to be announced. Windup Bird Restaurant, on College Street West.

Contributors: Margaret Atwood, Michael Ondaatje, Gwendolyn MacEwen, Anne Michaels, Austin Clarke, Leon Rooke, David Bezmozgis, Morley Callaghan, Dionne Brand, Robertson Davies, David Cronenberg & Norman Snider, Katherine Govier, Timothy Findley, Barbara Gowdy, Joe Rosenblatt, Sheila Heti, Joseph Boyden, Barry Callaghan, Steven Hayward, bpNichol, Mazo de la Roche, Alice Boissonneau, Matt Cohen, Max Haines, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Hugh Garner, Christine Miscione, Joe Fiorito, Lisa Foad, B.W. Powe, Paul Quarrington, Susan Perly, M.T. Kelly, Helen Weinzweig, Bruce Meyer, Matt Shaw, Elizabeth Phinney, Sarah Sheard, Linda Griffiths, Sang Kim, Greg Kearney and H. Masud Taj. Artists Robert Markle, John Reeves, Sorel Etrog, Vera Frenkel, Nina Bunjevac, Ludwig Zeller, R. Murray Schafer, Michael Snow and Charles Pachter.



Saturday, November 16Meet the Presses: Indie Literary Market. Exile Editions and ELQ/Exile the Literary Quarterly present new books and magazines. 12 to 4:30pm at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, 292 Brunswick Avenue (south of Bloor). 416 923-8137.


The Second cover Release Date: November 1

Sunday November 3 – Alan Cooper signs copies of The Second. 1:00-4:00 pm at Indigos, Bay & Bloor location.

Wednesday, Nov 20 – Alan Cooper and the launch of his new work of fiction, The Second: A Novel About Spirituality, Religion and Politics. Ben McNally Books, 7:00-8:30. 366 Bay St Toronto, 416 361-0032. Wine and cheese – the author will be talking, reading, and signing books. Host: Publisher Michael Callaghan. Venue Attendance up to 75 people.

Saturday, Nov 23 – Alan Cooper signs copies The Second. 12:00-3:00 at World’s Biggest Bookstore.

* For Mr. Cooper’s five-minute talk about the book: View Video Trailer

The Second is a work of profound and moving secular spirituality that touches on all the markers of religion, a modern-day American Gothic in which the novel’s characters ultimately confront their individual identities through the realization of just how hard it is to make belief believable.

“Alan Cooper has captured, through the unique medium of fiction, the multidimensional issues facing any attempt to expose differences between spirituality and religion. As a lawyer, I can speak to the potential for unfairness when societal values get twisted into legal or political decisions. The Second should accordingly be mandatory reading for anyone wishing to broaden those values.”—Anne Calverley, Q.C.




Tuesday, Nov 26 – Book Launch evening at the Dora Keogh: Three winners from our Short Fiction Competition read from their collections of short stories: Austin Clarke, They Never Told Me and Other Stories, Leon Rooke, Wide World in Celebration and Sorrow: Acts of Kamikaze Fiction, Christine Miscione, Auxiliary Skins. Special feature this night: poet Vladimir Azarov with three new books, Night Out, Mongolian Études and Strong Words. To round out the evening, two writers from recent issues of ELQ/Exile the Literary Quarterly magazine. 7:15-10:00, 141 Danforth Ave. Free admission.


Purchasing Note: these books are, or will be upon publication, available for direct-from-publisher online purchase, or pre-order (most of 2013 titles at a 20-25% discount, free S&H, taxes included) – go to www.ExileEditions.com. Also available via Amazon, Chapters.Indigo and others.


A 2014 Anthology: open for submissions! Want to submit for “Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse” – here are the guidelines: http://silviamoreno-garcia.com/blog/?p=2278  (the cover below is from the editor’s book of stories, This Strange Way of Dying, released Sept 1 in stores. She also edited our Dead North: Canadian Zombie Fiction anthology, in stores Oct 1 – both with Exile Editions)

Strange Way Dead North


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Our $2,500 Gwendolyn MacEwen Poetry Competition short list and winners:

Best Suite, joint Winners (to share the $2,000): “Threshold” by Marilyn Bowering and “Touched” by Linda Rogers van Krugel. Best Poem Winner ($500) “Blue Hour” by Pamela Porter:

* Ambitious as John Berryman’s Homage to Mistress Bradstreet, “Threshold” unfolds with a quite opposite aesthetic: its words are as plain, bare and pregnant as the stones of a ruined croft.  Vivid and particular in her own time and place, a silenced, exiled Hebridean poet speaks across three centuries to a world where everything has changed except the human dilemma of daring to think for oneself.

* William Blake proclaimed that “energy is eternal delight”, and so it is when it combines attitude and wit with erudition & imaginative originality. “Touched” is defiant, erotic and exuberant: an eclectic breaker’s dance that claims street, home and library for its stage, and allows no walls between them.

“Blue Hour”
* So many poems get written about failing or dying parents, affecting as records of actual experience but without aesthetic necessity or daring. “Blue Hour”, by contrast, is an inspired, frustrated love poem. In its quest to understand an Other it moves, in cadenced stages, through metaphors that loom and then recede in authority. A marriage of laconic delivery with visionary guesswork, it pivots around a central, unanswerable question.

* Best Suite of Poems short list ($2,000):
Renée Sarojini Saklikar – children of air India, selected exhibits
Adrienne Drobnies – Randonnées
Marilyn Bowering – Threshold
Linda Rogers van Krugel – Touched

* Best Single Poem short list ($500):
Pamela Porter – “Blue Hour”
Bruce Meyer – “Cezanne’s Card Players”
Gillian Harding-Russell – “Desert Duet”
Branka Petrovic – “In Which Her Extremities Are Devil and Her Face is Angel”
Bruce Meyer – “The Movie Being Filmed Across the Street…”

And we thank all those who made the short and long lists, and to all those who entered!

Mark your calendars for year two – entries open October, 2013.



Summer events:  James Clarke, Daniel David Moses and Bruce Meyer appear at Orillia’s Leacock Festival in July.

And we’ve got more a’comin’…

 2013 June events.  Join us on Facebook for continuing updates: Exile Writers 

Saturday June 2: A great event at the Toronto Jewish Literary Festival, with over 100 in attendance! It was a vunderlekhn multidisciplinary afternoon celebrating the launch of the The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers, featuring Yiddish translator and editor Frieda Forman and dramatic readings in Yiddish and English with the special participation of Yiddish expert Gloria Brumer; actress, singer and Yiddish Diva Theresa Tova; accompanied by acclaimed pianist Matt Herscowitz. Beth David Synagogue, 55 Yeomans Rd.  $5 admission.

YEAR THREE ~ in the books (so to speak). The $15,000 Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition Awards Weekend.
Saturday, June 15: The Gala Awards gathering ~ this evening saw Gloria Vanderbilt award Sang Kim the Emerging Category $10,000 prize for his story “When John Lennon Died”, and Priscila Uppal and Austin Clarke  shared the $5,000 Writer At Any Career Point prize for their stories “Cover Before Striking” and “They Never Told Me.” We also presented the CVC Short Fiction Anthology-Book Three which features the 12 shortlisted writers.
Monday, June 17: Book Launch at Toronto’s Dora Keogh Irish Pub, 141 Danforth Avenue. A great turnout of over 75 people enjoyed readings by 9 of 12 shortlisted writers from the CVC Short Fiction Anthology, plus a special guest launch for year one Emerging co-winner Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s collection of stories, This Strange Way of Dying.
Friday, June 14: Gloria Vanderbilt’s Exhibition of Paintings, in Toronto, at the De Luca Fina Art Gallery..
Sunday, June 16: The Special Party…

June 15 awards web


Tuesday, May 14Boneshaker Reading Series. Judge James Clarke reads from his memoir The Kid From Simcoe Street. Darlene Madott reads from her collection of stories, Stations of the Heart. Norman Snider reads from How to Make Love to A Movie Star: Writing For Film. Click here for details May 14.

May 14


Sunday, April 28, we presented four new books at the Montreal Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival. Held at Hotel 10, 10 Sherbrooke St. W, Montreal. (514) 843-6000.

11:00-12:30. Almost Lost: Montreal’s Yiddish Women Writers. Revisit a nearly lost chapter of history! A roundtable event featuring The Exile Book of Yiddish Women Writers – a special anthology of literary distinction featuring short stories, excerpts from novels, and memoirs by 13 women, 8 of whom would come to live in Montreal during times of major transformation and upheaval in the 20th century. Hosted by Elaine Kalman Naves, in discussion with the book’s editor Frieda Johles Forman. Readings by Claire Holden Rothman, David Homel, and Rivka Augenfeld (held in Salon Godin. Event #100. Admission $10).

Yiddish web

3:00-4:30. Exile Editions has a long history of publishing translations. This day we launch, from the French, Zippo: A Dark Futuristic Thriller by Mathieu Blais & Joël Casséus, Poacher’s Faith by Marc Séguin, and The Death of Marlon Brando by Pierre Gobeil. All authors present to read. Translator Kathryn Gabinet-Kroo speaks about the art of translation. Hosted by Publisher Michael Callaghan (held in Salon St-Laurent. Event #111. Free Admission).

Zippo Web WordPress




Sales and Distribution (Exile Editions books) – Notice to Bookstores, Booksellers, and the Public: Exile Editions has broadened its market reach. Our vibrant list of fiction, poetry, translations, drama and nonfiction is now available throughout North America, and into the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean and Latin America. Independent Publishers Group (based in Chicago: 1 800 888 4741) now handles – with cataloguing and full client services – all international sales and world distribution for Exile Editions (Canadian returns to Fraser Direct in Georgetown, Ontario: 905 877 4411), and The Canadian Manda Group (based in Toronto: 416 516 0911) is our sales representation… Look for our books all across Canada, and around the world! Click here for our 2013 Autumn Exile Catalogue (8.5MB) and see this year’s releases as well as recent highlight titles.



Highlights from 2012 events/launches/readings:

Sunday, October 28 James Clarke appeared at Toronto’s IFOA, with his memoir and selected poetry The Kid from Simcoe Street. At 2pm he is part of the round table diuscussion “Reading Like a Writer” along with Kyo Maclair, Christine Poutney, and Susan Swan (hosted by Antanas Silieka). At 5pm he gives a reading in the Brigantine Room along with Max Layton, Beatrice MacNeil, C.S. Richardson and Irvine Welsh (James Grainger hosts).

Tuesday, October 2 we launched Dignity Village, a photo-ethnographic look at homelessness; written by Eric Weissman, photographs by Nigel Dickson.

Wednesday, Oct 3 we launched the short story collection Stations of the Heart by Darlene Madott. James Clarke also read from his new memoir and selected poetry, The Kid from Simcoe Street.

Saturday, June 9 was our Fiction Awards evening, held at Toronto’s Turf Lounge. Gloria Vanderbilt presented the winners (Christine Miscione, Leon Rooke, Seán Virgo) with their prizes, and we presented the CVC Anthology Book Two. This was a sold-out $95 ticketed event ~ the price included a three-course dinner (value $45), the new CVC Anthology featuring the 12 finalists (value $19.95), and a subscription to ELQ Magazine (value $34.95).

Monday, June 11 Gloria Vanderbilt read at Harbourfront Centre (Toronto).

Tuesday, June 12. The Exile Writers Series, was an evening of readings as we launched the new CVC Short Fiction Anthology Book Two –  held at the the Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Avenue, Toronto. The featured writers were: Leon Rooke, Seán Virgo, Christine Miscione, Martha Bátiz, Amy Stuart, Kelly Watt, Daniel Perry, and Jacqueline Windh. Their stories all appear in the Carter V. Cooper Short Fiction Anthology–Book Two, which collects the 12 short listed writers from the Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Competition. 7:15-8:15 food and drinks from the menu, readings begin 8:15. Free Admission. Full details, click here: June 12, 2012

And in case you missed our events on March 13, 14 and 15:

Tuesday, March 13, at the Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.
The Exile Writers Series first event of 2012 (click for the detailed announcement):
7:15-8:15pm food and drinks from the menu. Readings begin 8:15. Free Admission
Tonight we launch four books, plus three readings from recent issues of ELQ/Exile Magazine
* H. Masud Taj and Bruce Meyer ~ Alphabestiary
* Richard Teleky ~ The Hermit in Arcadia
* Vladimir Azarov ~ Dinner with Catherine the Great
* Bruce Meyer ~ A Book of Bread
From ELQ/Exile Magazine, issues 35.1 • 35.2 • 35.3
* Frank Westcott (35.1) / Zoe Stikeman (35.2) / Alison Taylor (35.3)
* A special addition: Grant Curle will provide jazz bass during the evening.

Wednesday, March 14th, 5-8 pm.
Danforth Avenue celebrates the life of Larry Zolf.
Hosted at The Court Jester, 609 Danforth Avenue, Toronto.
An afternoon/evening to remember and honour our dearly missed friend
A copy of Larry’s last book, “The Dialectical Dancer” (Exile Editions) will be available for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Wednesday, March 14th, 7:30-10pm.
An evening in honour of the centenary of Irving Layton, one of Canada’s most distinguished poets. ELQ/Exile Magazine has produced a special section in our newest issue to commemorate Irving Layton – this will be distributed to the attendees as part of the evening’s programme. Participants: Margaret Atwood, Barry Callaghan, Leonard Cohen (by video), Scott Griffin, Joe Kertes, Max Layton, Dennis Lee, Michael Mirolla, Jacob McArthur Mooney, Anna Porter (by video), Robert Priest, John Rammell, Julie Roorda, Rosemary Sullivan, Elizabeth Trott, Priscila Uppal, Fred Wah, Moses Znaimer

Thursday, March 15, at the Angell Gallery, 112 Ossington Avenue, Toronto.
The Exile Writers Series second event of 2012 (click for the detailed announcement):
Join us for a wonderful evening as we celebrate the launch of Gary Michael Dault’s The Hebdomeros Suite and the Bronzino Poems
7:30-8:00pm Wine / Readings Begin 8:00 / 8:45-9:30: after the Readings we clebrate with wine, canapés and jazz bass.



Highlights from 2011 events/launches/readings:

October  23, 25 and 29, respectively, sees Exile writers at Toronto’s International Festival of Authors:Claude Tatilon for A Pinch of Time with translator by David Homel; Gloria Vanderbilt’s new collection of stories The Things We Fear Most; and Alphabestiary co-authored by H. Masud Taj and Bruce Meyer. Check out the IFOA website for event times, ticket ordering, and details.

Author information can be found via IFOA links  ~  Claude Tatilon & David Homel / H. Masud Taj & Bruce Meyer / Gloria Vanderbilt

Alphabestiary launched on September 30, in Barrie, at the Flying Monkey Brewery. Further readings/events include:
October 14 ~ Carleton University, in Ottawa, with a morning radio appearance .
November 8 ~ Trent University, Oshawa campus.
November 16: Gloria Vanderbilt reads from her book The Things We Fear Most. On November 16 she will be at New York’s prestigious Lotos Club, one of the oldest literary clubs in the United States. Founded in 1870 by a group of young writers, journalists and critics, it is now a not-for-profit organization promoting, among other things, social and literary interchange among literary and artistic professionals of distinction.• See below for Ms. Vanderbilt’s appearance at Toronto’s International Festival of Authors. She will read from her book, and be interviewed by Seamus O’Regan. Hosted by Exile poet Meaghan Strimas. And to watch her recent interview with Anderson Cooper:http://www.andersoncooper.com/2011/09/21/full-episode-the-story-of-my-mom/
Tuesday, October 25 and 26: International Festival of Authors Ontario, at the Centre for Health and Wellness where Georgian College’s Aboriginal Studies Centre will take its new home. The two evening will feature readings and a round table discussion. Tuesday, at the Georgian Theatre: authors Jospeh Boyden, David A. Groulx, Drew Hayden Taylor and Lee Maracle. Wednesday at the Rowntree Theatre: Exile playwright, poet, essayist and editor Daniel David Moses, along with Iam McCulloch, Paul Sessequasis, Cherie Dimaline and Sherry Lawson.


September 15: following our June 13 announcement for our newly/redesigned ELQ, we’ve released our second issue! Available at selected newsstands across the country, or email [email protected] to find out how you can get the issue, or subscribe.

The all-new ELQ (Exile: The Literary Quarterly) hits the newsstands! We’ve redesigned the complete presentation, including the size (now 8×10 inches, 160 pages). Check out your local retailer!

To complement all the great writing and art, this issue (and all coming issues) features Sidebars/QR codes/Video Links as innovative on-the-page/off-the-page features – above, you can scan the QR code with your Smartphone to access a video of Gloria Vanderbilt talking about her fiction writing (three stories appear in the new issue); below is the video that complements Leon Rooke’s new poetry… this is “convergence publishing” and our way of making the printed page come alive! (And use the Video tab in the top navigation options for more videos.)



New for 2011Exile: The Literary Quarterly will be presented in a whole new way: new size, new sections, new features, new articles, new staff contributors, a new logo, all delivered alongside our established and respected dedication to publishing Canadian and International writers – from the emerging, mid-career and established – in a print forum like no other. Look for Volume 35, No. 1, on sales at newsstands and delivering to our subscribers June 1st.




Exile Editions new 2011 books and some autumn 2010 highlights (click on the linked-book’s title to go to an order page to buy with PayPal):

A Pinch of Time, Claude Tatilon ~ Fiction / Novel
The Meaning of Children, Beverly Akerman ~ Fiction / Stories
Easy Living, Jesus Hardwell ~ Fiction / Stories
Pretty, Greg Kearney ~ Fiction / Stories
After Exile, Raymond Knister ~ Poetry
Irrealities, Sonnets and Laconics, W.W.E. Ross ~ Poetry
Priests, Pastors, Nuns and Pentecostals, Anthology ~ Fiction / Stories
Native Canadian Fiction and Drama, Anthology ~ Stories & Drama
Casino Jack, Norman Snider ~ Screenplay (see below for more)


Digital books… through 2011, with the assistance of an OAC Arts Investment Fund grant, Exile will release over 30 current and recent fiction titles.






Coming in July 2011: The second $5,000 Gloria Vanderbilt/Exile Short Fiction Award ~ our inaugural competition (2010) received over 300 submission… the stories are into the hands of the jurors, and a short-list will be announced in early April. Best of luck to all who entered… for either winning one of the two prizes, for being included in the anthology that will launch the night of the prize announcement (May 28 at a gala event in Toronto), or for being included in Exile Quarterly.

In case you missed our Spring launches/readings/events:

The L3 Writers’ Conference in Barrie, Ontario; Thursday, April 14.

This is Exile’s fourth year presenting seminars to students. Our two presentations for 2011 will see Michael Callaghan, Publisher of Exile Editions, speak about the history of the house, and its 35-year role in supporting young and/or emerging writers. He will then introduce screenwriter Norman Snider – who will speak about the art of turning real life into a movie (his film Casino Jack, which then became the first book in the newExile Silver Screen Series) – and Richard Teleky, who is a poet, fiction and nonfiction writer, an editor, and professor of Creative Writing at York University – he will speak on the creative process, how an editor works, and about preparing final drafts for publication. Michael Callaghan will wrap up with how young writers go about preparing submission for getting published.

Tuesday, April 26, in Toronto: A special launch party for Greg Kearney’s new collection of stories, Pretty. 8-11pm, Black Eagle, 457 Church Street (Toronto).

Saturday, April 28, in Montreal: We launch The Meaning of Children, a first collection of stories by Beverly Akerman, at Nicolas Hoare Books.

Saturday, May 28 ~ Exile’s Short Fiction Awards ~ $8,000 to Canadian writers!

Presentations by the awards’ Sponsor and Host, Ms. Gloria Vanderbilt.

Tonight we Honour the Three Winners:

$3,000 ~ Frank Westcott for The Poet

$3,000 ~ Silvia Moreno-Garcia for Scales as Pale as Moonlight

$2,000 ~ Ken Stange for The Heart of a Rat

The short listed writers for the Exile/Vanderbilt Short Fiction Competition are featured in  the Carter V. Cooper Anthology Series, Book One:

Hugh Graham – Through the Sky
Leigh Nash – The Field Trip
Frank Wescott – The Poet
Rishma Dunlop – Paris
Zoe Stikeman – Single-Celled Amoeba
Kristi-ly Green – The Patient
Gregory Betts – To Tell You
Ken Stange – The Heart of a Rat
Silvia Moreno-Garcia – Scales as Pale as Moonlight
Richard Van Camp – On the Wings of This Prayer

Tuesday, May 31, in Toronto, at the Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Avenue – The first 2011 Exile Writers Series Launch & Readings event (for six years known as the Pipeline Reading Series). This evening we present The Meaning of Children, stories by Beverly Akerman, A Pinch of Time, a novel by Claude Tatilon, and stories by Jesus Hardwell, Easy Living. We also feature poet Ann Elizabeth Carson,  and fiction writer Claudio Gaudio, from the recent ELQ 34.3

Our new Web site

In November through March 2012 we’ll be adding onto the site, bringing you new features for both Exile Quarterly and Exile Editions ~ www.TheExileWriters.com

More to come…


Did you know? In 2010, all of the following happened in the world of Exile…

Exile Editions writers Priscila Uppal (Traumatolgy, poetry, 2010), MT Kelly (Downriver, poetry/short fiction/memoir, 2010), Lisa Foad (The Night Is A Mouth, short fiction, 2009 winner of the ReLit Award), Meaghan Strimas (A Good Time Had By All, poetry, 2010), Jonathan Papernick (There Is No Other, short fiction, 2010 – after five months into a second printing!) and Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby, poetry, 2010) will be appearing at prestigious national Writers Festivals in Vancouver, Calgary/Banff, Toronto and Ottawa? That’s pretty good literary recognition for a small press, and its wonderful literary ensemble… Find the details below.

Exile’s Evening with an Author series #1:

Sunday, September 12, at LVB, 88 Ossington Avenue – a “by invitation only” event to launch Casino Jack, the first book in the new Exile Silver Screen Series (a 280 page book in paperback format: the complete Screenplay, along with a Foreword by the film’s writer Norman Snider, an Introduction and Photo Diary by the film’s director George Hickenlooper, an Afterword by film critic FX Feeney, and 50+ film stills and storyboards!) Special guests: actor Kevin Spacey, film director George Hickenlooper, and screenwriter Norman Snider.

Over 150 people attended, and Kevin Spacey was fabulous as he spent time chatting with all and signing books. Screenwriter Norman Snider, director George Hickenlooper and producer Gary Howsam were also in attendance. The event was sponsored by the Creative Coalition.

Thursday, September 16: The Toronto International Film Festival premiered Casino Jack.


Exile’s Evening with an Author series #2

Wednesday, September 29, at the Turf Lounge – A Celebration of Larry Zolf with his new book The Dialectical Dancer, a memoir, and a life story presented on paper, made complete with many photographs and drawings. Larry Zolf was in attendance, and many of Larry’s friends and associates from over the decades joined him to give short readings from the book. Hosted by Woodbine Entertainment Group ~ 330 Bay Street (at Adelaide). Look for a coming article on this event, and Exile Editions, in The Toronto Star.

We also launched many books, and hosted a variety of readers from the Quarterly…

Exile’s Pipeline Reading series:

Wednesday, November 3 – The Exile Pipeline Reading Series presents first of two autumn launches, featuring a new collection of poetry by Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby), and three writers from Exile Quarterly 34.1 and 34.2: Katherine Govier, Marianne Apostolides and Greg Kearney; Norman Snider will present Casino Jack to our regular audience.   (This event is rescheduled from September 25).

Exile’s Writers Festival Appearances:

October 15 and 16The Calgary/Banff WordFest has invited Priscila Uppal to participate in the Poetry Bash, and the Poetry Cabaret.

Friday, October 22Vancouver International Writers Festival has invited Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby with Exile Editions, and Alien, Correspondent with Brick Books) to participate in two events.

Friday, October 22: Take a walk on the wild side and leave your inhibitions at home!  The Ottawa International Writers Festival has invited Exile’s Lisa Foad (The Night Is A Mouth) to participate in Capital Xtra’s Transgress, hosted by Marcus McCann. It’s an R-rated evening of explicit writing featuring Lisa Foad, Peter Dubé, Amber Dawn and S. Bear Bergman

Monday, October 25The Ottawa International Writers Festival has invited M.T. Kelly.

Saturday, October 23 and Wednesday 27Toronto International Festival of Authors has invited M.T. Kelly for two events.

Wednesday, October 27Toronto International Festival of Authors has invited Priscila Uppal to participate in IFOA; and IFOA Ontario, which will see her appear in Milton, ON on Thursday 28.

November 20 – 25: The Vancouver Jewish Book Festival has invited Jonathan Papernick (There Is No Other) to participate – date TBA

And, many more events and announcements…


Regional/National Exile Events and Appearances:

Saturday, September 24: Publisher of both Exile Quarterly and Exile Editions, Michael Callaghan, has also been an exhibiting painter since 1985 ~ he opens an exhibition of 12 multi media works at the Durham Art Gallery, in Durham, Ontario. (extended, show now runs till Christmas)

Sunday, September 26, all day! Exile Editions and Exile: The Literary Quarterly have a booth (number 223, north east corner of Queen’s Park circle) at Toronto’s Word On the StreetOver 60 titles for sale, all at ONLY $10.00! (list prices $19.95 – $39.95). And, free Issues of Exile Quarterly to introduce what we do to the public. Plus: various authors at the booth through the day to sign books, and speak with you!

Thursday, October 7: Calgary – Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby, released April 2010 with Exile Editions, and Alien, Correspondent, released March with Brick Books) reads at Flywheel reading series at Pages on Kensington bookstore.

Friday, October 8: Victoria – Antony Di Nardo reads at Planet Earth reading series at Black Stilt coffee house.

Wednesday, October 13: Vancouver – Antony Di Nardo reads at Cross Borders reading series with Carolyn Smart and others,  at the Vancouver Public Library.  Hosted by Rachel Rose, Professor at SFU.

Wednesday, November 3: Toronto – Lisa Foad reads from her collection of stories, The Night Is A Mouth, at the Pivot Reading Series.

Tuesday, November 16: Toronto –  Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby, released April 2010 with Exile Editions, and Alien, Correspondent, released March with Brick Books) reads at Art Bar Reading Series.

Wednesday, December 1: Toronto – Antony Di Nardo reads from his two new collections of poetry, Soul on Standby (Exile), and Alien, Correspondent (Brick) at the Pivot Reading Series.

Special Announcements:

The Gloria Vanderbilt $5,000 Short Fiction Competition. On Saturday, May 15, Ms Gloria Vanderbilt hosted a special evening. It was an Advance tickets only event for an intimate evening at Toronto’s prestigious Turf Lounge. Ms Vanderbilt formally announced the new writer’s prize that evening. (see Joe Fiorito’s article in the Toronto Star – the prize was increased from $2,000 to $5,000 after the event). This $5,000 Award for emerging Canadian writers will be presented annually in May in Toronto; the finalists will be published by Exile Editions in an anthology, and some stories in Exile Quarterly. Open for submissions, June 1st to December 21st. For information: The Gloria Vanderbilt $5,000 Short Fiction Award

The Exile Interview Series and The Exile Pipeline Reading Series. An all-new, first in the industry… as only Exile can! We start with a few, and will make available hundreds in the process… of the more than 1,000 writers and artists to have appeared in the pages of Exile Quarterly and Exile Editions, we’re providing them a forum to express their thoughts on writing, and all things publishing; and giving you an opportunity to be a part of the intimacy. The first 10 interviews and readings coming through August – get a sneak peak with this 4.5 minute YouTube trailer…

New in the Exile Pipeline Reading Series: author MT Kelly

New in the Exile Interview Series: author Jonathan Papernick


Summer Events:

Wednesday, July 14: Sutton, QC – Antony Di Nardo (Soul On Standby, released April 2010 with Exile Editions; Alien, Correspondent, released March with Brick Books) reads at the “Tours des Arts” annual English Writers’ Reading.

Saturday, July 17: Knowlton, QC – Antony Di Nardo reads at the annual Knowlton Wordfest.

The Leacock Summer Festival Orillia, Ont. – runs July 20 – 25. Among the many authors invited are featured Exile writers Priscila Uppal, Katherine Govier and Barry Callaghan (reading their stories in The Exile Book of Canadian Sports Stories onJuly 24) and Meaghan Strimas (reading from her new poetry A Good Time Had By All on July 25). Author Diane Schoemperlen was just published in Exile Quarterly 34.1, and will read July 21 from a special collectors edition book, with a special Exile Subscription give-away as part of her appearance. See the complete lineup: Readings & Events

Thursday, August 19: author/actor Gale Zoë Garnett, poet Aisha John, sketch comedy troupe THE RIOT, and more at the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre in Toronto. 8:00pm, $15 at the door, 854 Bloor Street West.

Wednesday, August 25: Toronto – Gale Zoë Garnett reads from her most recent novel, Savage Adoration, at the Pivot Reading Series.

Wednesday, September 8: Toronto – Meaghan Strimas reads from her new collection of poetry, A Good Time Had By All, at the Pivot Reading Series.

Spring Events:

Wednesday, March 24, 8pm – Toronto book launch for Meaghan Strimas and Priscila Uppal; each poet reads from their new books, A Good Time Had By All and Traumatology. The Monarch Tavern.

Wednesday, March 31, 8pm – Poets M.T. Kelly and Priscila Uppal participate in a Harbourfront reading event. (Each writer will also be appearing this autumn with their new books at Toronto’s IFOA.)

Toronto Poetry Vendors make poetry dispensible – April 6, 2010 | Quill & Quire Omni | By Scott MacDonald: “Who says poetry’s indispensable? Not Elisabeth de Mariaffi and Carey Toane, who are calling themselves the Toronto Poetry Vendors, and setting up poetry machines in Toronto. The machines will be around until at least October, and among nine poets include works by Exile’s own Meaghan Strimas (new book: A Good Time Had By All); one toonie will get you a single poem, which will be printed on stiff cardstock and folded into a small, self-contained package. Click here to download:  Meaghan_Strimas_reads_at_TPV_launch.mov (2719 KB)

Thursday, April 15, 12:00 and 1:20pm – The L3 Writers’ Conference, in Barrie, Ont. Publisher Michael Callaghan and Exile author Lisa Foad (2009 ReLit award winner for The Night Is A Mouth) present two workshops at Barrie North Collegiate.

Friday, April 16, 7-9pm – Evening Readings at Georgian College Theatre, featuring Lisa Foad, Ray Robertson, Rebecca Eckler, Lauren Kirshner and Kim Echlin. Finale for the L3 Writers’ Conference events.

Friday, April 23, 8pm – The Writing Life. Gale Zoë Garnett reads from her novel Savage Adoration. Also appearing are Michael Helm, Adam Lewis Schroeder and Joan Thomas. Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street, Ottawa. 10-15 each author, with a 30 minute Q&A and book signing after. $15 General; $10 Student/Senior. For complete Festival info: Ottawa International Writers Festival.

Wednesday, April 21 Saturday 24 and Sunday 25. Poet Priscila Uppal participates in three Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival events, held at the Delta centre-ville hotel, 777 University Street, Montreal:

• 9am on the 21st – Student Literary Programme: Young writers discuss their work with over 20 authors.

• 3:30pm on the 24th – Reading the World: South Asia: Panel Discussion on how a South-Asian heritage affects their work. Sheema Khan, Sandhya Rao, Priscila Uppal.

• 6-8pm on the 24th – Traumatology book launch, reception and book signing.

• 4pm on the 25th – Translation Slam: a translation event. Featuring Nora Alleyn, Patricia Claxton, Nicole Frey-Martel, Catherine Lalande, Hélène Rioux, Priscila Uppal.

Saturday, May 15, 7-10pm – Exile’s Evening With An Author/Artist, hosted by Ms Gloria Vanderbilt. The second event in this new series. (re-scheduled from March 17) To reserve a seat or table, please email: Dinner with an Author/Artist

Tuesday, May 18, 7:15-10pm – Exile’s Pipeline Reading Series returns for its sixth season, with new books and many more authors. M.T. Kelly (A Dream Like Mine and Downriver) and Jonathan Papernick (There Is No Other) launch new books, with readings by both authors. • Over 125 writers have appeared to date, with their new books, or reading their selection from Exile Quarterly.

Saturday, May 22, 11am-2pm – The South Simcoe Arts Festival, in Tottenham ON. Exile Editions and Quarterly are the featured Publishers at this year’s street event; Matt Shaw, Martha Bátiz, Edward Brown and Robert Colman will be reading from their books; author signing at the Exile table.

Thursday, May 27, 8pm – Livewords Tonight. Rob Colman, Priscila Uppal and George Fetherling. A Livewords event at the Black Swan, 154 Danforth Avenue.

Friday-Sunday, May 28-31, daily – Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, at Concordia University, in Montreal. Exile Editions and Quarterly have a booth again at this year’s Congress, in the Publisher/Book Seller location. Publisher Michael Callaghan is at the booth daily.



ReLit Awards Winner Lisa Foad for The Night Is A Mouth – short fiction category:

Lisa Foad wins the ReLit Award’s – her book was a selected from a longlist, in which 5 of the 5 books submitted by Exile Editions were listed: The Night Is A Mouth (short fiction), Zoe Whittall’s Precordial Thump (poetry), Lauren B. Davis’ An Unrehearsed Desire (short fiction), Robert Colman’s The Thin Line (poetry), and Edward Brown’s Playing Basra (short fiction). We congratulate all five Exile writers!

Lisa Foad accepted her prize, after reading from her book, at the Ottawa Writers Festival on Sunday, October 25. Lisa appeared at the Vancouver International Writers Festivals and Toronto’s IFOA as well.

An Inaugural Event:

Monday, October 26, 7-10:00pm. A unique paid-invitation-only event to launch a new Exile Reading Series: Exile’s Dinner with an Author or Artist, an intimate evening was held in a private room at Toronto’s prestigious Turf Lounge. Our first night featured cocktails and mingling from 7-7:45, followed by dinner at 8:00, and a reading with Marie-Claire Blais after desert: For $95 per person, the evening included a 3-course prix-fixe dinner, conversation with the author, and a reading from her new Exile book, along with a free book of your choice, and $10.00 in bet chit to play the horses after dinner … this was the first in a special new series, by pre-payment only, with reserved seating for 40 people at diners’ tables. The second evening: May 15, with writers, painter, designer and heiress, Ms. Gloria Vanderbilt. To reserve a seat or table, please email: Dinner with an Author/Artist

Exile Editions and Quarterly Autumn Events:

September 27, Sunday, full day – Exile Editions and Exile: The Literary Quarterly have a booth at Toronto’s Word On the Street. Over 60 titles for sale, all at ONLY $10.00! (list prices $19.95 – $39.95). And, free Issues of Exile Quarterly to introduce what we do to the public. Plus: 3 authors at the booth to sign books, and speak with you!

September 29, Tuesday, 7:15 to 9:45pm – Book Launches at The Dora Keogh Irish Pub on The Danforth in Toronto (141 Danforth Ave, 1/2 block east of Broadview): Melissa Hardy’s new novel Broken Road, about the people who lived and loved and made their own personal sacrifices during the historic times of the Cherokee Nation’s journey along the “Trail of Tears.” Number Two in “The Exile Book of…”series, the Canadian Dog Stories anthology, edited by Richard Teleky, with readings by Leon Rooke, Janice Kulyk Keefer and Matt Shaw. We start the evening with short readings by Jennifer Duncan,Erin Robinsong, and Hugh Graham from Exile Quarterly 33.1.

• Buy Broken Road and/or Canadian Dog Stories from the publisher at Exile Editions

October 13 – 16Calgary-Banff WordFest

Zoe Whittall and her book Precordial Thump; she appears in five events:

WordFeast Fundraising Dinner – October 13th, Tuesday, 6pm – The Fairmont Palliser Hotel • The Young, Bold and Restless – October 14th, Wednesday – University of Calgary, Husky Oil Great Hall • Girls, Gossip and Cocktails – October 16th, Friday, 5-6pm – The Auburn • Afternoon Delight – October 17th, Saturday, 2:30-3:30pm – Vertigo Theatre Centre, Studio Poetry Cabaret – October 17th, Saturday, 9:30-11pm – The Banff Centre, Margaret Greenham Theatre

October 23 and 24, Friday and Saturday – Vancouver International Writers Festival

Lisa Foad reads from The Night Is A Mouth, her collection of short stories: Oct 23, 10-11:30am; Oct 24, 10-11:30am

Zoe Whittall reads from her book of poetry, Precordial Thump: Oct 23, 1-2:30pm

October 25 – The Ottawa International Writers Festival has invited Exile for three Main Events:

1) Sunday at 2:00, Exile’s esteemed Editor-in-chief, and internationally recognized writer Barry Callaghan, presents a Masterclass, discussing his new novel Beside Still Waters. Mr Callaghan will articulate on the art of writing and re-writing. Introduced by Kenneth J. Harvey.

2) Four Exile writers! A special 4:00pm Saturday afternoon event featuring our new anthology, The Exile Book of Canadian Dog Stories, edited by Richard Teleky. Reading their stories will be Janice Kulyk Keefer, Barry Callaghan, Kenneth J Harvey and Katherine GovierAn event for dog lovers and fiction lovers alike, surely not to be missed!

3) Lisa Foad makes her third Writers Festival appearance (coming from Vancouver, then Toronto) and takes the main stage for the evening’s Short Fiction Cabaret event at 8:30: Canada’s Cutting Edge – An evening of acclaimed stories from four of Canada’s most acclaimed practicioners featuring Amy Jones, Lisa Foad, Alexandra Leggat and M.A.C. Farrant

Special: At 10;30, the winner announcements for the ReLit Award… Short Fiction: Congratulations, Lisa!

October 25, 27, 30, 31 and November 2Toronto’s International Festival of Authors

Lisa Foad participates in the roundtable discussion “This Writing Life: Rewards and Challenges of Being a Writer” on Sunday, Oct. 25, 3:00pm at the Studio Theatre, 235 Queens Quay West; she reads from The Night Is A Mouth on Friday, Oct. 30, 8:00pm at the Studio Theatre.

Meaghan Strimas reads from her poetry book, The Junkman’s Daughter, on Tuesday, Oct. 27, 8:00pm at the Brigantine Room, and on Saturday, Oct.31, 12:00pm at the Lakeside Terrace; she participates in the Young IfOA on Monday, Nov. 2, morning and afternoon, in Midland ON.

October 26, Monday – Three special events!

1) York University: At 9:30am, Marie-Claire Blais speaks to students for one hour.

2) At 1:00, Marie-Claire Blais, Leon Rooke, Janice Kulyk Keefer, Barry Callaghan and Matt Shaw, read their stories which appear in the newly released anthology Canadian Dog Stories, edited by Richard Teleky.

3) Marie-Claire Blais hosts a special paid-invitation-only event to launch a new Exile Reading Series: Exile’s Dinner with an Author or Artist, to be held in a private room at Toronto’s prestigious Turf Lounge: Our first night is an intimate evening with Marie-Claire. $100 per person (see our first “coming soon” listing).

October 27, Tuesday, 7:15 to 9:45pm – Book Launch at Dora Keogh: Anna’s World and The Manuscript of Pauline Archange, the two new Exile Classics Series releases by Marie-Claire Blais, and we present a new novella, The Wolf’s Mouth by young writer Martha Bátiz (translated from the Spanish by Gustavo Escobedo – the Spanish version won the Casa de Teatro Award; Dominican Republic).

And we wrap up with our final 2009 event:

Thursday November 5, The Exile book of Canadian Sports Stories launches at 7pm (readings start at 7:30); The Annex Live, 296 Brunswick Avenue (just south of Bloor Street). Readings by contributing writers and our Canadian Olympic athletes. $5 from every book sold tonight will be donated to the Canadian Athletes Now Fund. (List price $24.95 – evening special a flat $20.00). Presented from a stage, with bar and restaurant for patrons. A jazz band will go on at 9:30pm!

Summer Events:

July 13, Monday, 7:00pm – The Scream Festival: This is your opportunity to hear the country’s best literary talent together on one stage! Lisa Foad, author of The Night Is A Mouth, appears with 12 other great young writers during this evening’

s literary extravaganza. (Also worth noting is that on Oana Avasilichioaei – one of the 12 – translated a selection of poetry which appears in the recent Exile Editions multilingual poetry release 20 Canadian Poets Take On the World; for a review see Prairie Fire Review of Books at www.prairiefire.ca/reviews/uppal_ed_translation.html; 20 Canadians was edited by 2007 Griffin Poetry Prize finalist Priscila Uppal.)

July 25, Saturday evening – The Leacock Festival: Exile Ladies Night, featuring three women reading from their new Exile Editions books, and a fourth in special performance… Lisa Foad with her new collection of short stories The Night Is A Mouth begins the night, Zoe Whittall follows with a poetry selection from Precordial Thump, acclaimed actress Lili Francks performs Barry Callaghan’s “Crow Jane’s Blues”

andGale Zoë Garnett brings this multi-talented, multi-generational gathering to a finale by reading from her novel Savage Adoration.

July 26, Sunday afternoon – The Leacock Festival: Exile editorial members Barry Callaghan and Priscila Uppal read from their new and highly praised novels, Beside Still Waters and To Whom It May Concern.

If you would like further info on these events, or any other publishing inquiries, please email us at EXILE


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